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72 Hour Kits

72 Hour Kits

In the event of an emergency in which you have to temporarily leave your home, you will need some “stuff” to take with you. The items that you grab and go aren’t your wants but what are your must have’s. I am referring to what’s known as 72 Hour Kits.

72 Hour Kits

These particular kits are meant to get you through a short period of time until you can return home. While you are staying away at a friend’s home, hotel, or during some kind of a crisis, these unique kits will keep you feeling human for several days. Although you and your loved ones are not in total danger, the items you take with you are important so thought must go into what you take.

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In fact, the kit isn’t something that you put together at the last minute. They are kits that you have created ahead of time and are stored in a place that make it is easy to grab the kit on your way out the door. This also means that the 72 Hour Kits are to be light enough that you can carry and for some, can be a rugged backpack; for others, it could be a duffle bag.

The size of the bag will of course depend upon how much you need to take. The basics should include something for everyone in the family, including any pets. Whether it’s one that you carry or one that rolls, the contents must be kept dry and safe at all times.

72-hour-kit-pic72 Hour Kits – The Contents

You are going to create a kit that contains items to last you for 3 days. This is something that is for a temporary or very short term emergency. Do not be misled and use this kit as what is known as a Bug Out Bag which is for long term or permanent departure from your home.

The most important thing for your kit to contain is water. There should be a supply to provide at least 12 ounces of clean, safe water for each member who is leaving with you. You can maintain a supply of either the bottled water you get at your local grocery store or the sealed, sterilized pouches that have a five year shelf life.

When choosing each item for your 72 Hour Kits, always consider if everyone can use it and how useful it will be. Also consider making a survival list to keep things organized.

Consider the following items:

• first aid kit
survival blanket
• hat/cap
• solid, sturdy jacket
• some sort of lighting
• communication such as AM/FM radio, cell phone, emergency contact information
• food such as quality energy bars and MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)

If you have room in your pack, you can opt to also include some extra items. These would be for more specialty needs such as:

Survival Tools:

• sanitary supplies
• fire starters
• signaling device
• tarp, rope
• multi-functional tool
• map
• comfortable shoes
• protective eye wear

Another thing to consider when packing your kit is to consider where you live. For example, if you live where you get all 4 seasons, then you’ll want to ensure that there may be sunscreen for the summer or warming packs for your hands for the cold contained within the pack. And always, always keep you kit handy because you never know what type of emergency will arise or when it will happen.

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Something else you can consider is to have your own car kit ready in your vehicle. This particular kit is not one that you should rely on as a 72 hour kit, but for road trip emergencies and as backup supplies for your 72 hour kit if necessary. The items this kit could contain are:

• water
• food
• first aid kit
• emergency blanket
• toilet paper/wipes
• matches
• utility knife

Being educated and prepared is the number one thing you can do. Heading out for a couple days isn’t so bad, especially if you have the items you really need. 72 Hour Kits are designed to keep you safe and alive until you can return safely home.

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