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High Quality Bug Out Backpacks

Bug Out Backpacks: what do you really need?

There are many different types of “Bug Out Backpacks” available, this may make it confusing for some people to make the right choice. I hope after watching the video and reading this article, it will become clearer to as to which backpack you will need. Choosing the right type of backpack could make the difference between life and death.

Let’s just say SHTF and you have to bug out, and you grab your neatly packed 72 hour bag and start out on your journey to your bug out location. Halfway there your car runs out of gas and you have to walk to your destination, now this won’t be a big issue if your bug out location is nearby, but let’s say that it is not. Now you realize that you must walk for more than two or three days, you may not have enough supplies in your little 72 hour bag. Not that this isn’t a great bag, it’s just not the right bag for this situation.

So now you understand why having the right bag for this situation would be important and even lifesaving, not to say that if SHTF that any bag would be better than no bug out backpack at all. You could put your stuff in a suitcase, paper bag, plastic garbage bag, or pretty much anything you wanted to, but having the right backpack will make life much easier.

So let’s talk Bug Out Backpacks. There are basically three types of backpacks.



Bug Out Backpacks

1. Your basic assault pack is a bag that you take with you when you are day tripping or walking around your property patrolling the terrain. You would take a limited amount of supplies with you, like some food and water and a few other basic supplies that you might need. These backpacks are small and are not meant for long term survival.

2. The next bug out backpack would be a 3 day bag or 72 hour bag. This type of bag will hold all of your survival gear comfortably for three to four days. The three day bag holds a lot more gear than the basic assault bag mentioned above.

3. The last type of Bug Out Backpack would be the Expedition pack. This backpack will hold enough supplies and gear to be self-sufficient for weeks or even months at a time. The Expedition packs can carry very heavy loads for long distances. They have tons of space for things like sleeping bags, tents, clothes, or pretty much anything else. One key feature that defines an Expedition bag is that they have a removable frame.

What you want to look for in any Bug Out Backpack:

1. First most packs will have recommended weight limits. This is important to take into consideration, you don’t want to over load a pack. Having too much weight in the backpack will put undue stress on the stress points of the pack. Depending on the quality, it may rip or tear.

2. Comfort is very important; you will want one that has wide straps so they won’t cut into you. Kidney belts help especially if you have a heavy load, as well as having good padding in all the straps.

3. Quality of the bag: Look for double, triple, or even quad stitching, especially at all the stress points. If possible buy American made products. I know this can sometimes be hard to do. Also, is the bag water proof or water resistant? This is important for the climate that you may be in. One last thing would be to make sure that the bag has a heavy duty zipper.

4. Attachments: You may have the button “Alice style” or the MOLLE system, which ever you have make sure you have plenty of them to attach all of your extra equipment too, and that they are of high quality.
Quality Bug Out Backpacks at the best prices:

Day Bags/Assault Packs

1. Condor 126 Compact Assault Pack

•Main compartment measures 18″ x 10″ x 5″ which is closed with a single zipper and contains a single mesh pocket
•Volume is 1362 CU IN
•Size measures 18″ x 10″ x 10″

2. Voodoo Tactical Level III MOLLE Compatible Assault Pack – MultiCam

•Measuring 18″ x 10″ x 10″, this pack will hold a surprising amount of gear
•Hydration compatible and will hold a 2 liter to 3 liter hydration bladder (unfortunately is sold separately)
•Two larger compartments and also two nice big pockets
•Wide and padded shoulder straps that are also adjustable
•Comfortable molded back promotes good air flow and necessary cooling

3. Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack 30L

•Capacity is 30L; Dimensions are approximately 42x20x25cm or 16.5″x8.0″x9.8″
•Built-in Velcro pocket made for a must have hydro pack
•2 main compartments which are separated; 2 pockets in the front
•Several MOLLE attachment points; helpful loops and functional D-rings on shoulder straps
•Material is 600D polyester and PVC coated; Weight is 1100 grams

Three Day Bag or 72 Hour Bag:

1. Condor 125-015: 3-Day Assault Pack A-TACS FG

•Genuine Digital Concealment Systems A-TACS FG
•Large load capacity cargo compartment which has a separate pocket which will fits up to a maximum of two individual 3L hydration bladders
• Shoulder straps are contoured to the body with useful D-Ring for helpful equipment attachment, a sternum strap and also a waist belt
•Externally placed compression straps on the sides
•Heavy-Duty carry and drag handle
•Two double zipper pulls on the main compartment for easy accessibility
•Individual foam pad back panel for extra comfort and maximum airflow
•Grommets on all compartments for drainage
•22″ H x 17″ W x 11″ D, 3038 cubic inches

2. Voodoo Tactical 15-7866 Large MOLLE Tobago Pack, A-TACS

•20″ x 19″ x 12″
•MOLLE PAL attachment points
•Adjustable shoulder straps
•Two large pockets on the back and two additional pockets on each side
•Two radio pouches and room for two hydration bladders of three liters each
• Zippers, that are fully covered, with pulls, bedroll loops on the bottom and helpful side compression straps to secure your load

3. Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack (Tactical Combat) Rucksack Backpack – 50L in Olive Green

•Capacity is 50L; Dimensions are approximately 51x29x28cm (20.1″x11.4″x11.1″)
•Built-in Velcro pocket perfect for a hydro pack
•2 main compartments, separated; 2 pockets in front
•Varity of MOLLE attachment points; Loops and functional D-rings on the shoulder straps
•Material used is 600D polyester which is PVC coated; weight is 1400g

4. The Adirondack Large Bug Out Bag “Dan’s Depot”

•Organize your load with lots of internal storage compartments
•Molle compatible for much larger loads Molle straps at both side
•6 Zipper pockets
•2 top handle pockets
•2 enlarged iPhone and/or sun glass pockets
•Full Velcro covers on packs top
•Hydration ready
•1 long pocket for laptop
•1 iPad pocket
•Approximate dimensions are 20″ high x 11.5″ wide x 11″ deep
•Approximately 2650 cubic inches

Expedition Backpack:

1. Eberlestock V90 Battleship Pack

•36″h x 14″w x 11.5″d
•8 lbs. 12 oz
•6,100 cu in (100L)
•Adjustable internal frame
•Spacious front pocket with radio rack along back wall
•Bottom pocket can be separated or joined with main pocket
•Fold-out rain cover
•Storm collar allows for extra pack expansion
•Compression straps can double as grapple straps for beneficial equipment lashing
•PALS/Padlock webbing for additional pouches and accessories
•Wider and well cushioned waist belt for improved weight distribution
•Side hydration pockets and mesh sleeves
• Lightweight with high strength

2. Granite Tactical Gear Chief Military Backpack

•Torso Sizes available are: Short, Regular and Long
•Weight is 3.1kg (6lbs 15oz)
•Capacity is 90 liters or 5500 cubic inches
•Suspension is CHIEF
•Load Capacity is 100lbs or 45.36kg
•500D Cordura Body – Nylon
•Tweave Stretch Woven Fabric
•CHIEF FRAMESHEET – This is a 3-D frame sheet that is molded to fit the contours of the back, and flexes with the body while maintaining exceptional support.
•PIVOT POINT HARDWARE – Comfort is achieved with pivoting anchor points for shoulder straps and belts that also help maximize body movement. Torso length and shoulder harness width are adjustable for a custom fit.
•BODY ARMOR COMPATIBLE HARNESS – The customizable to fit harness fits right over body armor. Extra padding in the shoulder straps are removable, and a comfort lumbar pad is included for a better load transfer.
•HIGH OUTPUT HYDRATION – Hydration pockets on each side allows easy accessibility to hydration bladders. Routing of each hydration tubs is located in the bottom of the pack which permits a more efficient hydration flow, and the bite valves can be attached on both shoulder straps which allows you an operation that is hands-free.
•ACCESS PANEL – Two vertical zippers open the front of the pack and allow for rapid load / unload of inner contents.
•RADIO POCKET – Fits the 117 radio, and straps below carry 2 spare batteries close to the frame. Antenna/Communications ports are accessible through the lid.

3. TT Range Pack G-82

•7383.90 cu in (121 l) total volume
•Detachable carrying system with integrated fastening possibilities for various marksmen systems e.g.G22-G82
•Detachable, subdivided front pocket with opening in the main pocket, to be used as an emergency backpack 915.35 cu in (15 l)
•X1 carrying system for excellent carrying comfort with high loads
•Material: Cordura 700 DEN

4. Large Alice Pack

•Roughly 20″ x 19″ x 11″ and around 3800ci capacity

All of the Bug Out Backpacks that we have listed have very good reviews, and are constructed of the highest quality materials. Make sure you do your own research, but be assured that you can’t go wrong with the products that we have listed.

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