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Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

Have you been listening to the news lately? Are you concerned where today’s so called “leaders” are taking us? What are you going to do when you have to suddenly leave everything you know and head to where, hopefully, it’s safe for you and your family? If and when this does happen, be sure that you have prepared yourself and your Bug Out Bag (BOB) is ready to grab and go too.

The need to leave could be due to a natural emergency, it could be due to a long term blackout or it could be due to your life is now in danger and you must leave to survive. You should research for kits that you can take with you to help get you through those days once you have left home. If you are considering creating your own BOB, be sure that you are not confusing this bag with the 72 hour kit.

The 72 hour kit is for a temporary leave. This kit is meant for a brief stay away and you know that you will be able to return home. However, you should consider also having on hand a 72 hour kit in addition to the Bug Out Bag so that you have additional supplies. Keep in mind that you will be carrying these bags so be sure that they are small and light enough that they won’t hinder your escape.



Bug Out Bag Checklist

You will need a number of supplies for your BOB. Each item will be essential to your survival. When choosing the bag itself, be sure that it is durable and will be able to carry everything you will need. If you need a place to start, check out military style backpacks and duffle bags.

Since the BOB is designed for an event in which you know that you will never be able to return home, it will need to contain only items that you require to survive. Items that are necessary for you to survive another day. Sorry, but your designer clothes won’t be on the list. These are also to be items that everyone can use. A basic list of items to start with is as follows:

• important paperwork (preferably copies)
• one months’ work of prescriptions
• forms of currency/cash
• spare clothes and shoes
flashlight with extra batteries a blackout
• cell phone & charger (solar power if possible)
• first aid kit or Home Emergency Kit
• food
• water
• toiletry/personal hygiene items
• personal protection

bug-out-bag-picWhen choosing clothes and shoes to keep in your Bug Out Bag, be sure that they are also designed for the region you are leaving to. In addition, if several people can share items then you will be able to carry fewer items and have room for something else. Woodland, desert and water areas all have different weather patterns so having the right clothing will help keep you protected.

In regards to medications, if refrigeration is required then you will need to consider how you will be able to keep them cool in your pack. This will probably require leaving behind another item but maintaining the individual’s health is important to survival. An option to create more room in your Bug Out Bag is to consider having a 72 hour kit also and keeping the refrigerated items in that bag.

Food and water are obvious things to include in your bag. Only choose non-perishable foods and ones that will last. Bottled water is good but including something to filter an unknown water source is important as well. Because you don’t know what or who you will need protection from, a hand gun and extra ammunition or other form of personal protection is also a must.

An emergency can happen at any unexpected time. We know this only we want to hope that it will never happen, especially to us. If something unfortunately does happen, having a Bug Out Bag ready to grab and leave is something you should seriously consider having in your home today.

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