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Muslim Terrorist

Muslim Jihad on the U.S.

It seems imminent that under the Obama administration we are going to be forced to take in 10,000 plus Syrian refugees in 2016. I am sure that the 10,000 will turn into hundreds of thousands if not millions. Obama has already let in over 2,098 Muslims without proper vetting. Out of the 2,098+ only 53 […]

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US Government Hoarding Emergency Food Supplies

Why is The US Government Stashing Emergency Food Supplies? Is the US Government hoarding food for martial law or some other crisis? The more that I have looked into this the more I must agree that the US Government is hoarding emergency food supplies.  What do they know that we don’t, is there an upcoming […]

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Zombie Preparedness More Of a Concern For The CDC Than Ebola

“Zombie Preparedness”: More of a Concern for the CDC Than Ebola I can’t believe this headline, but it’s true. Just look here “253 results – Zombie Preparedness” , “178 results – Ebola Preparedness”. This just goes to show where the CDC’s priorities are and they are definitely NOT in Dallas, Texas with Ebola. The TV […]

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Prepper Homesteading Basics

Prepper Homesteading Basics Depending upon where you obtain your news, you may or may not think that our society is changing for the worse. Regardless of what you think, being self-sufficient as much as you can is very helpful and also very beneficial in today’s world. This is what Prepper Homesteading Basics is all about. […]

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LFP 100 Pro

Solar Power Battery Chargers

The title seems somewhat contradictive doesn’t it? Even for solar power, recharging is required for the down times that will occur. These unique chargers are available in a range of sizes depending upon the type of equipment you are utilizing solar power for. Therefore the need for Solar Power Battery Chargers comes into play. Store […]

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tarp shelter pic

Choosing the Right Survival Shelter

Choosing the Right Survival Shelter – Could save your life! In today’s economic and ever changing world climate, we find ourselves at the crossroads of uncertainty. From total financial collapse to seemingly emanate wars against foreign and domestic terrorists, there has never been a greater need for self-reliance and survival preparedness. Part of survival preparedness […]

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Chemtrails In The Skies

Chemtrails In The Skies – Fluffy Clouds or Devastating Clouds of Death?  I don’t know about your kids, but my kids like to watch the clouds and how they change. We learned in school that there are a number of different types of clouds. Unfortunately, today not all clouds are the same. In fact, some […]

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pecial Operations Forces Conference

Civil Unrest in America

WARNING: Civil Unrest in America – Martial Law Are American citizens being acclimated to seeing U.S. troops in our cities and over our skies?  The answer to this question is a definite “YES”, this has been a very slow and deliberate process over the last 20 plus years. Although it seems that in the last […]

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HAARP – Death Ray or Life Savor? What is it and What Does it Mean to You? Do you like science fiction? Are you interested in chemistry, the weather and space? There are a number of individuals in our history that have warned us of the future, and that destruction is coming. A destruction that […]

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american map and flag pic2

Restoration of America

The Restoration of America: Secession Reboot 2.0 Our Beginnings: As history would tell us that in 1492 Christopher Columbus came to America. What is now known as the United States was inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years. During the 1600’s and early 1700’s the French and Spanish had settlements in Florida, Southwest, Mississippi […]

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