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Civil Unrest in America

WARNING: Civil Unrest in America – Martial Law

Are American citizens being acclimated to seeing U.S. troops in our cities and over our skies?  The answer to this question is a definite “YES”, this has been a very slow and deliberate process over the last 20 plus years.

Although it seems that in the last few years we are seeing more and more military helicopter drills. It’s not so unusual or is it, to see Blackhawk helicopters and other unmarked helicopters flying around our cities. Like I said before they are trying to get us accustomed to seeing them around so that it appears to be a normal everyday thing, this is a sure sign of a police state.

I live in the central valley of California and for the past week we have had a black unmarked military style helicopter flying around. It circles our community then circles the elementary school, and flies away, only to fly back within a few hours. This continues two or even sometimes three times a day.

U.S. troops have been practicing drills all over the country in places such as North Carolina, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and many other states and cities. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these drills. You can also search the web and find many more instances of the military drills that are going on and that have already gone on.


Civil Unrest in America


1.  2013 in Houston Texas, the U.S Army and Special Forces conducted helicopter drills over a former high school. Many of the residents were terrified; they felt as if they were in a war zone. Some believed that the army was using live rounds. Police officials later apologized for not letting the people know what was going on and the extent of the operation.

2. 2013 in Galveston Texas, a similar situation was being played out, but at least this time the people were given notice of the exercise. It was reported that there were 80 soldiers and law enforcement agents practicing an urban drill using simulated ammo.

3. 2013 Miami Florida, Officials they placed a notice in the “Miami Herald” Stating that the military and police would be conducting  a joint exercise using military helicopters. So what about the people who do not read the newspaper? Well let’s just say that they were very surprised and terrified. There were about 8 Blackhawk helicopters with machineguns mounted to them. However this is not the first time that the Army has practiced drills in Florida, in 2011 Coconut Grove had a similar urban scenario played out in there city.

4. 2013 Phoenix Arizona was swarmed by military helicopters for two nights. Again the people were not warned about the drill and many of them were calling in to the local news station to find out what was going on.

5. 2012 Los Angeles California, a Blackhawk and four OH-6 helicopters preformed urban military training drills over the city. They flew over the U.S. bank and then made practice drops at a park.

6. 2005 hurricane Katrina the nation guard and military forces were deployed to seize legally held guns by law abiding citizens against their will. Not only is the not right, but it goes against the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.


7. 2006 the Feds train clergy to “quell dissent” when martial law is declared.  CBS news confirms the program in 2007.

Urban warfare drills took place throughout the 90’s. U.S. forces were and still are training with foreign troops. They say they are doing all of this for our protection, but I say they are doing it for martial law and civil unrest. The military makes it sound like this is a normal thing to do these types of drills over and in our cities, NO this is not normal. The military have special training grounds that they have used for many years to train for urban warfare.

The military just built a $96 million dollar state of the art urban training center, “fake City” in Virginia. This facility comes complete with school, bank, sports stadium, church, and an underground subway. They say this was built for training our troops for overseas missions, but if that is true, why are all the signs in English and the entire town looks like an American city? You can read more about it here: Fake City in Virginia.


What Made All This Possible?

The patriot act 2001 section 802 made any criminal office classifiable as terrorist activity.

On May 9th 2007 Bush signed off on national security directive 51, making the president a dictator allowing him to declare a national emergency for any reason and implement Martial law without congressional approval. This plan is so secret that not even congress is allowed to see its context.

2006 the military commissions act gave the executive branch the authority to declare U.S. citizens as emery combatants and detain them in undisclosed locations indefinitely. Welcome to camp “FEMA”

There are currently over 800 prison camps “FEMA Camps”, in the USA. All of them are fully operational and staffed. For a FEMA camp near you please visit: . They list the states and cities of the camps.

December 2011, President Barack Obama signed into law the NDAA or the National Defense Authorization Act. This basically strips the right of the individual citizen for due process and habeas corpus. This allows the military to detain and imprison people without a trial for as long as they deem Necessary.

The pre mentioned is a short list of laws and executive orders that have been passed that allow the government to take over and terrorize their citizens.

If we “All Americans” don’t stand up to the tyranny that is closing in on us, we will have a true tyrannical police state. I know it is so easy to say what can I do and then do nothing, because you think that you can’t make a difference.  This couldn’t be further than the truth, the government is scared of it citizens this is why they are building up the police state. They know that if ALL Americans stand up that we can and will make a difference. The government knows that it’s citizens, if joined together, can take back control of the government and this scares them. They definitely don’t want Civil Unrest in America.

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