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DIY Water Filter

5 Ways to Make a DIY Water Filter

Why in the world would you want to make a water filter? It could be because it’s a science project for your pre-teen. What if you lost your utilities or you were stranded near a water supply that didn’t look too healthy? Then it is wise to know how to filter water. Below I will review 5 ways to make a DIY water filter.

5 Ways to Make a DIY Water Filter

You don’t need to be a boy/girl scout to learn and know how to build your own filter. Knowing how is a must in regards to survival regardless of who you are. A sudden storm can cause havoc with the utilities. We all know that flood water is not healthy to drink or use for cooking purposes and our bodies require water to exist. Without further ado, let’s get started.


DIY Water Filter


1 – Water Bottle Filter – This first process is super easy and basic filter. In fact, you probably already have everything you need in the event you are ever stranded without clean water. To build the first of the 5 ways to make a DIY water filter, gather together:

• Water bottle
• Knife or scissors
• Cotton balls, coffee filter or fabric
• Charcoal or sand (smaller granules)
• gravel, size doesn’t necessarily matter but smaller pieces work better
• container to hold both non-filtered and filtered water

First step is to cut off the bottom of the bottle at the point just up past where the bottom curves up leaving you a long cylinder. Next make a small hole in the middle of the bottle’s cap. Then securely fasten the cap to the bottle. Now, place the coffee filter (or other similar material) down into the bottle just above the inside of the cap. The material should line the interior of the bottle.

Next place the sand or charcoal (about 2 inches worth) inside of the material you have lined the bottom of the bottle with followed with the larger pieces of gravel/rock. Again no more than 2 inches is needed. Your last step is to pour the “dirty” water into your newly made filter and allow that water to drain out. Boil the water if possible to remove unwanted bacteria.

2 – Bucket Water Filter System – This form of filtration system is similar to that of the bottle water filter explained above but on a larger scale. With this system, the tools and supplies needed are little more complex but still the construction is relatively easy. To make one of these systems, you will need:

• 2 buckets with lids (buckets should be of same size)
• Water filter (an actual water filter)
• Spigot, 2 rubber washers, 1 hex nut
• Drill with 5/8 inch, ¾ inch and 1/16 inch bits
• Bleach (1 teaspoon bleach to 1 gallon water)

The buckets will be stacked so you will need to drill a 5/8 inch hole in the bottom of one bucket and also in the lid for the other. Drill a ¾ or other appropriate sized hole for the spigot on the side of the second bucket approximately 2 inches above the buckets bottom. On this same bucket, you will also drill a 1/16 “vent” near the bucket’s top.

Install the spigot in the bottom bucket and then the filter in the top bucket. Place the top bucket on the bottom bucket with its lid on and fill with water, checking for leaks. If done right, you now have yourself a 4-5 gallon water filtering system!

3 – Alternative Filters – In regards to the second method of the 5 ways to make a DIY water filter noted above, the filter chosen can be made from various materials that you may already have on hand. You could also choose premade filters to use. There are a number of filters on the market today and some offer a higher ability to remove more unwanted dangerous particles than others. Berkley is one particular brand to consider.

4 – Smaller and Lightweight – Purchase an industrial 1 micron bag bio filter which are inexpensive. Open it so that it’s flat and cut out 8 inch circles as they can be used in conjunction with 1 quart yogurt containers and fold into quarters. Place super glue along the inside of the folded so that you now have a cone shaped filter.

Cut some fiberglass screening into a half circle and then fold in half and secure together so that the cone you created with the micron bag will fit into. Next, take a coffee filter and place it inside the micron filter and this creates a pre-filter. This is an inexpensive and super easy way to remove many of the parasites (except bacteria) from the water.

5 – Tripod Water Filter – Using 3 long sturdy sticks, connect them together near the top with cording or other string like material to create a tripod. Next, tie 3 pieces of material to each leg of the tripod creating 3 “layers” as each will hold a different type of material. The top will hold grass, the middle will be sand and the lowest will hold charcoal from your last fire.

Dispensing the water onto the top layer, the liquid will continue through the second and then the bottom layer and into an awaiting container. This last of the 5 ways to make a DIY water filter process will naturally clean the water during each “layer”. This will not give you 100% clean water, but it will be drinkable.

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