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Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit

We rely on our vehicles every day to get us to work, home and everywhere in between. The amount of time spent in them varies from our day to day tasks. If something unexpected happened, do you have an Emergency Car Kit to help you get through that event?

Some may feel that a kit should contain flares and jumper cables. These items are important, but are they enough for most situations? Probably not so hopefully this article will help guide you into creating a better and more useful kit for your car, truck or recreational vehicle.

Emergency Car Kit is a Must

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You can build your own kit with items you may already have on hand. You could add to your current items and create a better kit. You could also buy a kit that is ready to use and even add to its current contents if necessary. Your kit should contain items that are easy to use and beneficial in a time of need.

emergency-car-kit-picBeing stranded by yourself, having a flat tire and no one stops to help or perhaps you have been in a minor car accident are not events that anyone of us wants to experience. Being prepared for such unexpected times is certainly a must. Although we can’t be ready for every possible situation, having something is better than nothing.

Your personal Emergency Car Kit may also include some unexpected items. If you have room, you may want to include items that you may need for the area in which you live. You may want to consider items such as snow chains for heavy snow falls or perhaps a foldable, wide brimmed hat for those in an extremely hot region.

Emergency Car Kit – It’s Contents

If you already have several items, then you are off to a great start. You have to begin somewhere. You can build your own emergency kit or you can purchase one. Some of the items that are recommended are:

• First aid kit
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Non-perishable food
• Water
• Jumper cables
• Flares/reflective triangle
• Shovel
• Battery or hand-crank radio
• Blanket
• Seasonal/protective clothing

Again, when considering what should be in your Emergency Car Kit should reflect the region you live in, the current season and where you are traveling to. You may need extra supplies for long trips or for traveling in bad weather. There is nothing wrong with being prepared or even over prepared.

If you can, sand is useful to help tires move on slick surfaces. You may also want to have items for security purposes such as a whistle, pepper spray and a disposable camera. Sanitary or personal items should also be considered; especially if you are traveling with young children, someone who has special needs or even a pet. Consider including the following items:

• Trash bags
• Tissues/toilet paper
• Disinfecting/baby wipes
• Multi-purpose knife
• Paracord (minimum 50 yards)
• Small pair of scissors
• Extra medications
• Face mask
• Pen/pencil and journal
• Deck of cards

For those of you who may feel items like a glass breaker or a seat belt cutter are important to include, feel free to do so if you have the space. You may even consider having a fire extinguisher, zip ties, duct tape and even several zip locking bags as part of your kit. Items that will work for you in the case of an emergency are the things you want to include.

If you are going on a long trip, consider bringing along extra fluids for your car itself. Certain fluids such as water, oil and transmission fluid can be helpful. Don’t forget to include a funnel to transfer the fluid from the container into the appropriate holding well in your vehicles engine.

Reviewing all of the items that you may want to include in your emergency kit seems like a lot. However, having more than not enough could save you until help arrives. Please stay safe and have an appropriate Emergency Car Kit readily available in your vehicle today.

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