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Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

What would you consider an emergency? Is it life threatening for one individual or for an entire world? Events are occurring in our world today, both naturally and created by man, that are leading life as we know it to destruction of sorts. Regardless if it’s seemingly small or beyond your control, having some important Emergency Essentials available on hand is a must.

Emergency Essentials – What are they?

These are items that are food and emergency preparedness. These are foods and products that you wouldn’t consider as emergency in your current day to day life. These are things that will help you and your family to complete the most basic of tasks that are needed to survive.

No, the list of essentials won’t include your favorite coffee shop coffee or your favorite designer shoes. It will and should contain things to help you and your family survive for as long as possible during an emergency if needed. These can include, but not limited to:

emergency-Essentials-picTo start your list, begin with the basic of basics that you need to survive. Water is of course the most important and it is suggested that you have at least one gallon per each person. Keep on hand the amount for both a 3-day evacuation and a 2 week supply for your home. If you are really not too sure where to start, you can always begin with an Emergency Essentials kit. These unique kits can be purchased at various retailers.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if the kit you put together is meant for a power outage that may last for a brief period of time or if it is due to a national disaster like an earthquake. The kit should be as complete as possible to cover any type of situation. The kit should contain items for any circumstance.

Emergency Essentials

One of the explanations for the word “essentials” is that it is a basic or that it is indispensable. This means that the item you are considering to be in your emergency kit should be something that you can’t live without. If you were forced to leave your home for an unknown period of time, would you choose your favorite hoodie or a military-grade jacket? Once you have your “basic” kit together and you still have room or other special needs then you can consider including those items. These can include but is certainly not limited to:

It is imperative that when you are building your kit, it must be small and light enough that you can carry it without impeding your ability to walk/run safely. If the emergency allows you to leave via a vehicle, you can take more but don’t forget to take extra fuel and if you have to leave your vehicle somewhere, you are still able to quickly grab your Emergency Essentials and go.

To hold all of your essentials, the carrier can be a sturdy backpack, a large duffle bag or even a small box large wheeled suitcase. Do not use a cardboard box to hold the necessary items as the cardboard material can breakdown when wet or tear easily under enough strain. You want your items to be protected and at your reach at any time.

Keep in mind everyone that the kit will assist. These items can be and should be multi-purposeful. These Emergency Essentials are what will help you get through those unexpected times of crisis.

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