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Emergency Food Supply

Emergency Food Supply

Not always do we tend to keep a good stock of food on hand. This can be time consuming to keep the supply fully stocked and space in your home can be limited. However, having an Emergency Food Supply readily available is something that you should consider.

I would probably say that most of us shop weekly. This time frame allows us to have food on hand during the week so we don’t have to stop at the store on the way home from work. This is a short term process, but what if you were unable to go to the store or if there was an emergency in which food was not readily available?

Emergency Food Supply – Why Have One

One’s definition of an emergency may differ from one to another. A freak accident could occur while on the job, one could be involved in a car crash on the way home from work or perhaps something on a much larger scale occurred. A larger event could be something such as a draught or perhaps a governmental collapse.

With the population of our planet continuously growing, how is it really possible that the land can continue to produce crops fast enough to feed all of us? Regions where food is more readily available will be affected much more quickly compared to the regions where food is not always available. This is because a denser population consumes more food, therefore, requiring a larger amount of food to be available.

I’m sure you’ve seen it happen on television or in a movie that war breaks out or there is a severe storm that destroys just about everything leaving the main characters in a life threatening predicament. Electricity, clean water and food have become scarce or not available at all. Life has drastically changed for the worse. Is this something you want to experience?

Emergency Food Supply

It’s easy to start creating your own supply of food to have on hand for if and when the need may arise. Foods to consider buying extra of would be canned goods and dehydrated foods. You should also consider MRE foods which are meals ready to eat as part of your back-up stock.

You can find kits in buckets that contain a sufficient amount of food to last for a short period of time. There are a number of brands that offer this type of product. One particular brand, Mountain House, is one of the top manufacture’s that offer this food source.

mountainhouse2picMountain House Freeze-Dried Foods offers food in packets, #10 cans and also in kits. People purchase these products for a variety of reasons. These are perfect for when you live in an area where the power tends to go out in the extreme heat or cold or perhaps you go on extended camping/hunting trips. The products have an extended shelf life which is perfect to have on hand just in case.

It is wise to have an Emergency Food Supply on hand for an emergency. We have to have food along with fresh water to survive. Make the most of dead space in the garage or under the stairs to begin storing food for that unexpected event. You can purchase kits to be included in your 72 hour kit or in bulk to feed you and your family for a much longer period of time.

Using Mountain House Foods again as an example, they offer family size packs, space foods, foods that are gluten-free, have low sodium and for vegetarians. The types of food available include breakfast to dessert and everything in-between. You will be surprised at what you can buy.

You may want to begin with a supply enough for 24 hours and work up to 72 hours. Keep adding to your supply and rotate out the old with the new if a long enough time has passed. Your goal is to have a sufficient Emergency Food Supply to feed your entire family, including your pets.

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