Financial Collapse Preparedness

Financial Collapse Preparedness

What happens if you don’t have a couple bucks to get you a quick lunch? What happens if you don’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay the rent? What would happen to you if your money is no longer worth anything? Beginning a Financial Collapse Preparedness process is a must for all of us.

Should it matter if both of you are working or just one of you? What if you have been able to set enough money aside to cover several months’ worth of bills? Are you still prepared?

Financial Collapse Preparedness – Awareness




Take a look at the other countries around the globe. How well off are they? It is easy to see that most are living at much lower financial standards than you are. This is because their country was not able to successfully obtain numerous goals to better their lives and world around them.

Probably the primary reason that this has happened is due to a corrupt government. A government that has manipulated its people and brainwashed them into believing that they, the government, is doing what is best for all. It’s time to realize your current situation and take control before it’s too late. A few additional reasons why you need to consider a Financial Collapse Preparedness plan for you and your family are:

  • National debts continue to grow
  • Wages/benefits continue to fall
  • Increasing number of lost jobs
  • More people accessing and staying longer on government benefits

Has a financial setback happened to you/your family? Are you struggling to make ends meet and worried about the future? If you aren’t, you should be. With the governments becoming more selfish and greedy for power, it is almost inevitable that that our financial circumstances will continue to worsen as the days go on.

Financial Collapse Preparedness

If you are currently experiencing financial hardship, how long will you last if there is a major financial collapse? How long will you be able to survive without utilities and day to day items that you have come to expect to always be there? How long can you and your family survive without turning to others for help? And if you do ask others for help, will they?

You must begin and if you are not sure what Financial Collapse Preparedness steps you should take, look at some of the suggestions noted below:

  • Start an emergency fund, even if it’s $10.00 a week
  • Keep some cash on hand, if possible, at home (hidden)
  • Invest in gold and silver
  • Trim as much of your expenses as possible
  • Begin storing non-perishable foods
  • Determine how you can create clean drinking water on demand
  • Prepare for if/when the power grid goes down
  • Create a stock of extra clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items
  • Consider how you will care for pets, children and/or others with special needs
  • How will you protect yourself and your family from others?
  • Create a community Financial Collapse Preparedness plan
  • Do not think that it won’t happen

Many of us have become addicted to video games, cable and even that tasty coffee every day? How will you cope without these things? A better question is how long will you be able to survive without them?

Do some brainstorming and consider what you are good at. What can you do to help yourself and/or others? Do you have medical safety training? Are you good at growing a garden? Can you can foods? Are you good at organizing events? These are just some questions to consider getting your mind working to find a way for you to survive without cash.

I have no intentions to scare you and I hope that our financial circumstances will change for the better. However, it is obvious that our government is in no way, shape of form trying to better the lives of the citizens of our country. Please, create and begin a Financial Collapse Preparedness plan now.


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