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First Aid Survival Kits

First Aid Survival Kits

Most households have a few first aid supplies on hand. Adhesive bandages are probably the most common. Do you have supplies on hand if a more intense emergency happened? First Aid Survival Kits have a greater amount of supplies for a wider array of medical issues.

This isn’t to say that you will ever need this type of kit. However, it is always better to have more than not enough on hand at all times. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”.


First Aid Survival Kits – What to Consider

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If you already have a first aid kit on hand, then good for you as you’re off to a great start. But when’s the last time you checked the contents? Has anything expired or do you need to restock a particular item it contained? Now is a good time to review your existing first aid kit and update it accordingly with additional items for a long term usage.

It is wise to keep your kit with your 72 hour kit or your Bug Out Bag so everything is in one place where you can grab and go if necessary. You may even want to consider having one in the car or your recreation vehicle as a back-up. Always ensure that your kit is kept dry and in a durable case.

first-aid-kit-picThere are a number of good kits on the market today to have on hand. In regards to First Aid Survival Kits, these are larger and have more supplies for just about any medical emergency. When reviewing what to include in your kit, consider the needs for all types of injuries that could possibly occur. This would include major, minor and what is called continuing actions where a wound must be kept clean for a period of time until it can heal naturally on its own.

Take into consideration respiratory and circulation needs. Think about how to attend to a head trauma, burns or a fracture. How would you treat a scrape, severe sunburn or a venomous bite? What supplies, including tools, would you need to address the injury the best that you can?

Don’t forget to include protective items. These would include gloves, masks and eyewear. This is not only to protect you but others if necessary.

Another thing to consider when putting together First Aid Survival Kits is how many and who will the kit care for if the need arises. Will it be just for one person or will it need to support the medical needs of a large family? The supplies should be appropriate for all members of the family, especially those who may have special needs.

First Aid Survival Kits – Which One to Choose

An individual kit is going to be a smaller kit but it won’t last as long as a larger kit would. A “Good Samaritan Bag” will support a single person but will hold supplies if others need assistance as well. A “Family Medical Bag” are based on the two previously discussed kits and designed to support an entire family for a longer period of time.

If you are creating a kit for your car, the kit can be smaller but contain more specialized but hold a larger amount of items. A “Medicine Drawer” is a more stationary kit and should be kept where a higher level of sanitary cleanliness can be maintained. A “Medicine Cabinet” is the largest and stationary kit you could have. This type of kit would contain items that a doctor would need/use to care for patients.

Being prepared is certainly something we should all be. We never know when an emergency will occur and what we will need to get through it. Be educated and keep the moral positive. Including well stocked and maintained First Aid Survival Kits on hand is a must when a medical need does arise.

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