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Fluoride in Drinking Water

Effects of Fluoride in Drinking Water

We all know that tap water isn’t the greatest water to drink. We know that chemicals are added to clean it so that we can reuse it. One particular chemical is added not for recycling purposes but for our health. Fluoride is added to our water supposedly for our health but is Fluoride in your water really a good thing?

Water is a requirement that our bodies must have to survive. We drink water, we use it in cooking and we use it to make a number of products (like toothpaste and mouthwash) that we use every day. We are constantly in contact with fluoride in one form or another. Consider how much water you intake every day and then consider how much fluoride your body is absorbing each day whether you like it or not.



Fluoride in Drinking Water is Good – NOT!!


The government tells us that fluoride is not harmful to us. But did you know that in the past the government has been forced to lower the levels of fluoride due to a number of neurotoxic effects it causes? The theory that fluoride causes brain damage is not a theory at all but a fact. Research and various studies have been proving this fact for over 3 decades now.

Most of the studies have been in regards to the effects on adults. However, with the drastic decrease in test scores studies are now being geared towards the children. Studies around the world have begun on how fluoride affects the younger individuals. Reports from both the United States and from China have shown that there is indeed a link between fluoride in drinking water and the neurodevelopment in children.

This link is proving one that needs to be removed. Unfortunately, fluoride is found naturally in some areas so minimizing the hazards is appearing to be a challenge. This is where we need to be aware of what is in our drinking water and change our habits.

fluoride-in-water-picFluoride is Damaging our Intelligence

The standard level for fluoride within the United States is 1ppm. Even at this level, negative side effects can occur. There have been studies done by the National Cancer Institute that have shown even 1ppm of fluoride can cause and lead to tumors to grow with a growth rate up to 25% than without the involvement of fluoride.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even classified fluoride as being a substance “with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” Yet, they still tell us that it is safe for fluoride to be in our water! Study after study shows that fluoride is damaging to everyone, including a fetus and we still have no choice but to continue to intake fluoride in our drinking water.

Even with incomplete and/or possibly compromised results, studies in China have shown that the negative risk of drinking water containing fluoride is hazardous to our health. Cognitive development is at risk. Yes, there could be a number of variable reasons as to why the studies had results such as this, but the truth still remains that fluoride is damaging our intelligence.

Researchers from around the world are providing results that fluoride is not good for us but yet the governments are ignoring the situation. Fluoride is not an additive that is required for clean water to be drinkable. So why is the government refusing to acknowledge this and reduce, or better yet, stop adding fluoride to the public water supply?

So what should we do? What can we do? We can complain to our government, but we already know that if our voice isn’t loud enough we won’t be heard. We have all been digesting fluoride for a long time and we know it’s not going to stop. So, we need to start taking a personal action. Most water filters don’t filter out fluoride. However, there are some higher end filters on the market that can. In regards to personal hygiene products, use alternative methods if at all possible.

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