Free Preparedness and Survival Guides

Survival Gear presents to our loyal followers 87 FREE Preparedness and Survival Guides.

Hey guys and gals I have gathered a great selection of survival and preparedness guides for you, there is a ton of great reading here. You can download it put it on a thumb drive, print it out, or if you have some old cell phones, download it to that and give them to your friends and family. An old cell phone with a solar charger would make a great gift.

The PDF’s cover topics such as – Natural disaster survival, communications, navigation, military ops, medical, bushcraft, and other topics. Be sure to check out our “MUST HAVES” PDF’s too. 


87 – Free Preparedness and Survival Guides – PDF’s


 Family Disaster Plan  Army Ranger Handbook “MUST HAVE
 Bug Out List  Army Survival Manual
 Becoming Self Sufficient For 6 Month  US Army Camouflage
 FEMA – Are you Ready  US Marine Winter Survival
 Captain Dave’s Survival Guide  US Army Aviation Survival pt-1
 Worst Case Scenario Handbook  US Army Aviation Survival pt-2
 The Household CyclopediaMUST HAVE  US Army Aviation Survival pt-3
 Anarchy Cookbook ver. 2000MUST HAVE  NATO War SurgeryMUST HAVE
 US Army Red Meats
 NATURAL DISASTERS  US Army Aviation Survival pt-4
 Tornado  US Army Waterfoods
 Flood  US Army Food Inspection
 Earthquake  US Army Fresh Fruits & Veggies  
 Hurricane  US Army Preservation Food
 USMC Summer Survival
 Cholera  FOOD – WATER – FIRE
 Pandemic Influenza  How to Salt Fish
 Base Camp Hygiene & Health  Home Wheat Storage
 First Aid minor Injuries  Tinder Fungus
 Home Remedies  Bow Drill
 US Army Field Hygiene  Making Charcoal
 Wilderness Medical Kit  Rocket Stove
 Survival Medicine  Make a Solar Still
 Where There is No DentistMUST HAVE  Sand Filters
 Healing Your Pets  Having Fresh Water
 Monographs Selected Medicinal Plants  5 Ways to Start A fire
 How to Dry Fruits & Veggies
 SELF DEFENCE & SECURITY  Water Purification
 Get Tough  Food & Water in An Emergency
 Tactical Readiness  Heat, Light & Power
 Physical Security  Animals For Food
 Combined Arms Ops in Urban TerrainMUST HAVE  Survival Seeds
 How to Start & Train a Militia Unit  Emergency Food Supply
 Military Hand to Hand Combat  Principles of Canning “MUST HAVE
 Chinese Liberation Combat Handbook  DIY Grain Mill
 Making Soap  Bushcraft Leather Work
 Tying Knots  Bushcraft Scouting & Woodlore “MUST HAVE
 How to Sharpen A Knife  The Ten Bushcraft Books
 Candle Making  Woodsmanship
 Army Mountain Operations
 Handbook of Knots & Splices  SW Radio 101
 Knots “MUST HAVE  SW Handbook
   The Radio Amateur’s Handbook
 SHELTER  Topographic Operations
 Shelter Making Camp  US Army Map Reading & Navagation
 Taking Shelter From the Storm
 Shelters, Shacks, and ShantiesMUST HAVE  Camouflage for Evasion!
 Snow Shelters  Evading capture US Airmen -1950
   Escape – 1954 US Army Training Film
   Combat: “Kill Or Be Killed” 1943
   US Navy Hand to Hand Combat Part 1 (1942)
   US Navy Hand to Hand Combat Part 2 (1942)
   Winter Camping: “Sub-Arctic Winter Bivouacking”
   Handgun Training with the 1911 .45ACP
   WW2: The M2 Carbine (1945)
   Your Rifle: “Fighting Men: Keep It Clean”
   Living Off The Land 1955 US Navy Survival
   Marines Winter Training 2013
   US Marines Urban Warfare Training
   Marine Boot Camp RAW Footage
   Marines Boot Camp – The Drill Instructors p1
   Marines Boot Camp – The Drill Instructors p2
   Marines Boot Camp – The Drill Instructors p3



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  1. MIke says:

    Hey thanks for all the great guides. The videos are pretty funny. My son went into the army and I was telling him about what to expect from boot camp, but he didn’t believe me. I watched a few of the boot camp videos and it is how I remember. Keep up the good work.


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