HAARP – Death Ray or Life Savor?

What is it and What Does it Mean to You?

Do you like science fiction? Are you interested in chemistry, the weather and space? There are a number of individuals in our history that have warned us of the future, and that destruction is coming. A destruction that will be caused from our own intentional wrong doing. This is where HAARP, also known as “High Frequency Active Research Program” comes in.

There have been many extremely intelligent people who have explored, experimented and ultimately given us many tools to better our lives. However, some tools which were originally designed for good have been converted to be used for events that most of the general population will never believe unless they actually see it with their own eyes.


Good Intentions, Bad Results

Over 7 decades ago, during research that was being done to find a “drug” that would be combatable against abnormal bleeding, 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine was developed. Then in the 1970’s to today, this drug is now called MDMA but it’s best known by the name Ecstasy.

If you know even a little about history, you have heard of Agent Orange. It was a chemical that was used in the Vietnam War to kill over 400,000 people and left side effects of birth defects and disabilities of those who survived. Did you know that it was actually created to speed up the growth of soybeans so they could be grown in regions that had short windows of good weather?

Do you see where I am going here? So let’s talk about HAARP now, the reason for this article. The acronym stands for High Frequency Active Arural Research Program. The design which came about in 1983 for HAARP, was the product of Mr. Bernard Eastlund. Although it was created in the height of the Cold War, it is said that Mr. Eastlund’s intentions were for good, not destruction.

It was discovered, that if a certain amount of radio frequency waves were fired into the atmosphere (specifically the ionosphere) at a particular speed, weather could be changed. Rain clouds could be moved over regions where rain was needed to help irrigate crops. Those who were facing a drought could now grow food and have a sustainable life. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that this invention could do other things as well that perhaps had good intentions, but bad results may yet occur if they haven’t already begun.

The patent was purchased by the United States government and a facility located in the southeastern region of Alaska is now home to this invention. The facility, which is considered an “unclassified” facility, is secured by a double set of security gates and also the United States Air Force. Within the impenetrable compound, there is a field containing 360 antennas that are linked together to work as one.

haarp-smBeneficial or Destructive?

Why would the government be so intent on purchasing this invention and keeping it under very tight security? HAARP can be considered a “Death Ray” of sorts. When the command is given, about 1 billion collective watts (an average radio station uses 50,000 watts) can cause catastrophic results and no one would suspect that a machine created such havoc. To help you understand the power of this machine, it is said to imagine 50 Mount St. Helen volcanoes erupting every second for one minute!

The power that is released can literally knock a plane out of the sky, move a satellite out of its orbit and communicate with submarines. The ray can even penetrate the ground and cause earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. At the right power and frequency, HAARP can also affect YOU without even knowing about it.

Yes, it’s called mind control! Dialed in at the right numbers a body can experience sleeplessness, anxiety, out of sync digestive system, cause visions and even paranoia to name just a few effects. In fact, sound and emotions can also be transferred causing any mental state that is chosen to inflict upon others. Apparently HAARP was used during the first war in Iraq against the Iraqian troops. The battle field was irradiated with a certain radio frequency and the results were troops piling out of their hidden bunkers and were giving themselves up in mass numbers.

More Cover-ups?

More than 60 countries around the globe signed the Environmental Modification in 1977 which was to stop using techniques to change the environment, otherwise known as Eco terrorism, on other countries. Unfortunately, this treaty doesn’t stop using these techniques domestically. This leads us to the question, is the United States government violating this treaty? Is the United States government using HAARP on its own people to change their behaviors to become “sheeple”? Is the government using HAARP to change the weather to create severe snow storms, hurricanes and drought across our nation?

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