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Having Fresh Water

Having Fresh Water – Emergency Water

About two-thirds of your body is water and yet we still need to drink it to survive. It is said that the body can go three days without water. But what if you are in a situation that you run out of fresh water? Having Fresh Water during an emergency is a must.

We take extra water with us when we leave for the day or when we go on mini-trips like camping or to visit relatives. But do we ever consider storing water for times when we may really need it? We never know when our circumstances will change. Our current global situation isn’t looking too pretty on a number of different levels so we really need to take another look at our current situation.

Having Fresh Water On Hand

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Most of us have access to clean water at just about any given moment. It’s something that we take for granted. There are many people living on our planet today who are not so lucky. They know how difficult it is to get through the day with very minimal water, if any at all. Could you survive like that?

We use water to clean ourselves, to prepare foods and it is in just about everything we drink. Consider not taking a shower for several weeks. Think about not having that cup of coffee in the morning or that warm bowl of soup for dinner. What would you do if the water was shut off for three or four days, or even more? What would you do if you had to suddenly leave your home for an unknown period of time and you didn’t know where you where escaping to?

Having Fresh Water with you in these times of need can be resolved by simply stocking up on a good water supply. The recommendation is to have at least 12 ounces of this necessary liquid for each person per day. Always take into consideration those with special needs and pets/livestock you also rely on you for fresh water.

55gal-water-storage-picHaving Fresh Water for Your Future

We don’t know what the future holds and unfortunately the future isn’t looking too good right now. However, we can learn to prepare for the future. By stocking up on bottled water, having a supply of water filters and other water filtration systems readily available, you will be able to survive longer than 3 days.

It is wise to keep a reserved amount of water in your home, car and also in your bug out bag and/or 72 hour kit. If you do need to use some of the stored water or use a filter, replace the used product as soon as possible. This way, you will always be prepared the best that you can be.

Safe and clean water is not always easy to come by, regardless if you are at the ocean or in the mountains. Although you may have water on hand, knowing how to find water and how to ensure it is safe is an education process that everyone should go through. You don’t know when you will need to access this knowledge to survive.

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Water filters and water filtration systems are readily available just about anywhere. Most are super simple to use and small enough that you can store them in your car, camper and in your 72 hour kit. Being prepared for the unexpected is certainly hard for anyone to do since we have no clue exactly what to prepare for. Fresh, clean water is important for the survival of every living thing on this planet. Having Fresh Water readily available is possible and achievable.

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