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Hide Your Food Storage

5 Sneaky Ways to Hide Your Food Storage

Once you and your family members have learned to keep a secret, then you can begin to prep. Obtaining and storing extra food for emergency long term purposes is a must and you should start building your supply now before it’s too late. The process is easy, you just need to improvise and make the most of what you currently have.




Why Hide Your Food Storage?


Once the world collapses, things are going to be ridiculously crazy. Those who aren’t prepared will be the first ones to lose it. The next will be those who started but gave up. Lastly will be those who began and never stopped preparing for the worst scenario that could never be imagined.

Once each household runs out of food and other items, they will be asking their neighbors, friends and family. They will be coming to you and asking for food and water especially if they have any inkling that you have an extra supply. You are going to need to hide as much as possible and it needs to be hidden so that no one will suspect a thing.

It is estimated that a 3 month supply is needed for just one person and a year supply for the typical family. However, the more you have the higher chance of survival you will have. In fact, 3 to 4 years is highly recommended as the first year is so that you can lay low so most everyone forgets about you. The second year is so that you can get through your first harvest. And the third year is to feed family that finally finds you. Don’t forget you will probably use food to barter with and to give to charity.

five-sneaky-ways-to-hide-food-picSneaky Ways to Hide all Your Food

The primary place you will hid food is your own home. Take a thorough walk around your current property and inspect every nook and cranny of it. Write down every place that has dead space or that can be moved just enough to hide something and still not be noticed.

1- Closets tend to have a lot of wasted space. With the proper organization, or disorganization, the shelves and floor space can be used to store and hid boxes and cans. Illusions can easily be created within the interior of closets by making them look the same but the deepest, highest and lowest points are hiding precious food simply by adding a false wall with the use of a painted board.

2- If you have a stairwell, chances are the space underneath the stairs is not being used at all. If you currently have no access to it, make access to it. You will be surprised how much room there actually is. This space is dark and cool; perfect to store a good supply of boxed and canned goods.

3- Do you have a sofa bed? This is a couch/sofa that has a bed built into it. You can remove the bed portion and the result is a decent amount of space to store extra food. To protect crushing the stored items, you may want to add a cut sheet of plywood to lie on top of the items or if build a storage box that fits neatly underneath the cushions. Properly done, no will know that they are sitting on top of your food supply.

4- The garage is a logical space to hold a variety of things. This is also a great place to store food. However, if the temps get too hot (over 75 degrees) in the summer then this may not be the best place to use. On the other hand, you can add extra insulation and build cabinets that will help reduce the interior heat and protect your extra food supply. If you can create an access door in the ceiling of the garage, the space in the attic above the garage or between the living space and the garage ceiling is also a good space to make the most use of.

5- Cabinets that are under-utilized are also places you can use for extra storage. If the location is in a room that is humid, only store items that won’t be harmed by the humidity. Although if you can store the food in a waterproof and airtight container, then by all means use the space.

Do not tell anyone that you are storing extra food. Know your expiration dates and rotate your food on a regular basis. Always use the oldest first so that the most current purchase will be near the back or bottom of your stash. Always keep thinking ahead of the game and be ready for anything!

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