Hurricane Survival

Hurricane Survival Kit

For those of us who live more towards the center of our country, we may not consider the fact that a hurricane could affect us. We can see the damage caused by watching the news and hearing first hand from others but who really needs a Hurricane Survival Kit?

A hurricane is considered an extreme tropical storm. Meteorologists watch on specially designed equipment the weather patterns and can determine when and where the weather will become a concern. For the most part, we are not too concerned until the storm decides to come near land.

Hurricane Survival Kit

When destruction hits one area of our land, it does impact all of us. Groups of helpful individuals bring tools, food and water to those who have been affected by the devastation the storm has left behind. Supplies of all kinds are redirected towards this area in need to assist them in surviving and making it through the next day.

Utilities are affected and the food and water supply is also affected. Have you ever thought if there was a freak storm that brought a large amount of water and wind further inland what would happen? The unexpected is always lurking around the corner so having a Hurricane Survival Kit ready on hand is a must.

This type of survival kit should include basic necessities as well as items that are individualized for you and your family. The items included within this kit are for survival not to live your life as you have in the past. The purpose of the kit is to get you through and out (hopefully) of danger.

hurricane-survival-picHurricane Survival Kit

These special kits can be purchased from a number of reputable sellers. You can buy one of these and then add to it if you desire. You can also create your own by following a survival kit list.

The object that is going to hold all of your items should be waterproof. There are kits for a single person, 2 or 3 people and then there are kits for larger groups. The kit should be easy to carry if especially if you need to evacuate the area.

If you haven’t heard of survival kits before, now is the time to learn. Each type of kit is designed to provide the minimum one would need in the event a disaster struck. The minimum your Hurricane Survival Kit should include is:

• 3 to 7 day supply of water
• 3 to 7 day supply of non-perishable foods
• First aid kit
• Non/prescription medications
• Personal toiletries
• Radio with extra batteries (or a hand-crank version)
• Durable flashlight with extra batteries
• Cell phone with charger that is battery operated or solar powered
• Thermal blanket
• Moral boosters (card games, dice, etc.)
• Cash

In regards to water, there should be at least one gallon per person per day for each day. You may want to also include some sort of water filtration item as well. Children and pets will need extra water so don’t forget to include them.

The food contained within your Hurricane Survival Kit should not require any refrigeration, prepping or cooking if at all possible; otherwise you’ll need to include other items such as a can opener and other cooking utensils/tools. Again, don’t forget to consider the special needs of others who may require special foods.

If you want to include clothing, you can. Keep the items limited and functional. An extra change of clothing (or just undergarments might be best), shoes, rain gear and perhaps gloves with grips would be helpful too.

When discussing what types of other supplies, tools and specialty items, these can vary. Consider where you live and the types of natural disasters that have occurred in the past. Ensure that your Hurricane Survival Kit is easily accessible and the items are updated on a regular basis to ensure all foods, medications, clothes are still appropriate for your needs.

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