Japan Invades the U.S. With Radiation from Fukushima

Japan Invades the U.S. With Radiation from Fukushima

When the Fukushima nuclear station in Japan began showing signs of break down, the government didn’t do anything about it. The damage was minimal, so they put a bandage on it and went on. Makes sense, right?

After a few earthquakes, a tsunami and multiple explosions which have drastically increased the breakdown of the Fukushima reactor things have changed. Today, some experts are stating that Japan should be evacuated. Should this raise any red flags to other countries that could be affected? Of course it should but the governments are refusing to state how bad the situation really is and it appears that the situation is so severe, that there is nothing that can be done to correct it at this time.

Knowledge is Crucial

We hear things, but we typically won’t believe it until we see it. Well, you can see the devastation from radiation by the wildlife that rapidly dies. One example is the recent reports of dead starfish which have been seen on the West Coast of the US. In fact, two species that live in the Monterey Bay are already extinct from that area! The so-called experts are calling it “starfish wasting disease”. Um, no, it’s called extreme radiation levels are killing them!

The central coast lines of California (Monterey to San Francisco) are currently showing very high radiation levels. It wasn’t the EPA who first noticed these levels (of course not); it was residents who live near these areas. At first, local officials were “befuddled” as to why the radiation levels were increasing and so high. The EPA is now investigating the situation.

survival-shield-nascent-iodine-12On a side note, can you tell me why the United States government has recently ordered more than 14 MILLION doses of a compound called Potassium Iodide? Let’s see … according to WorldPopulationStatistics.com for the year 2013, California’s population was over 38 million, Oregon’s population was almost 4 million and Washington’s was almost 7 million. Of course, we don’t want to forget about Alaska, Hawaii and Canada’s census which really doesn’t matter because the numbers just don’t add up! By the way, Potassium Iodide helps to protect humans from radioactive poisoning.

Radiation Warnings!!

We know that radiation in very small amounts is okay for any living creature. In fact, radiation naturally exists in our world. However, on a much larger scale devastation is the result. So what happens when levels get too high? Everything living thing, including air and soil, will be contaminated to the point that they will no longer be “healthy”.

It is stated that radiation levels up to about 40mSv (millisievert) are considered “safe”. For example, an x-ray of the spine creates 1.50 mSv while a CT scan of the heart creates 16 mSv. However, recent levels on the Western United States borders are reaching to over 100 CPM (counts per minute) last fall.

In March 2011, the radiation levels at the Fukushima plant in Japan reached 400 per hour. In September 2013, the radiation levels there were measured at18 times more than what was reported previously. Back to California, some coastal areas are finding that the current radiation levels are over 300 CPM. The worst part is that these numbers are now being seen in others areas along the coastline as well and the U.S. government is telling its citizens to NOT worry!

The government is continuously lying to its citizens about the seriousness of current world issues. The cover-up of events, like the ones that have been occurring in Japan, will only create more chaos and frustration in the people. Our eyes can only be closed for so long before we see the light. Well, unless death doesn’t get to us first which is perfect as this would reduce the world population without the government actually having to do it themselves.

Fukushima currently has three reactors that have been compromised in some way. However, each one of these has been damaged to the point where the plants personnel are unable to stay on top of any further damage control. With the negative impact that the released chemicals from these reactors, it won’t take time for the impact to spread across the entire planet.

Wind and water will carry and continue to carry the radiation for a very long time. The soil, plants and animals will absorb the radiation. The transfer and absorption is a natural process. Unfortunately, too much radiation will eventually cause uncountable effects on everything on our planet

This brings us back to the current reports of high radiation levels on the Western Coast of the United States and the death that the waters are pushing onto those western shores. We knew of the reactors in Japan and they knew what they were doing when they built them. Unfortunately, power of the elite has once again shown its face that those who are not important will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

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