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Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Two Items You May Want to Have on Hand: Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Have you considered what your life would be like after a world collapse? How fast would things we use every day disappear? Can you think of at least two convenient items you may want to have on hand? Paper towels and toilet paper of course!

These are two items that most of us cannot live without. Okay, the paper towels might be okay to deal with the loss over time as there are other products we can use, but toilet paper!!??? I know that our ancestors didn’t have toilet paper and they used other items to clean themselves with.

sparkel-paper-towels-picPaper Towels and Possible Alternatives

When things get tight, we begin to stop buying things that we might be able to live without. As the situation worsens, we continue to reduce the purchase and usage of other things that we tend to think of as important. Eventually, you are reduced to only what you absolutely need or you go without.

As the world economy continues to decline and the unemployment numbers continue to rise, it is getting harder to live as we once knew it. Some begin to think outside the box and find alternatives to what they were once using. For example, paper towels are super convenient and easily disposed of when used. However, microfiber clothes have replaced the paper towel in many homes today.

If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you should try one to see how you like it. There are available in different colors, sizes and of course in quality. However, they work great but there is a downside to them. This unique cleaning tool requires washing which in turn uses electricity and detergent. Paper towels can still be used on and into the future only if you begin stocking up now.

Toilet paper – What Happens if You Run Out?

I can pretty much say that one of the products that you will miss immediately if you don’t have any available when you need it is toilet paper. It doesn’t matter if you are at work, camping or you just used the last bit you had at home. Toilet paper is a product that is a must have item for our personal use to help us stay clean.

There are a number of brands that offer 1-ply and 2-ply; you can even buy 3-ply. Some are super soft for that personal area while others are a bit rougher to the touch. Others are biodegradable which is perfect for camping and septic systems.

Can you imagine what it must have been like before toilet paper was created? Without going into too much detail, that people were very creative when needing to clean themselves especially after a bowel movement. I don’t know about you, but having a very large supply on hand seems like the best thing to do.

Toilet paper is available from just about any type of store that offers a variety of items. Convenient stores, dollar stores, grocery stores and bulk warehouse supply stores all sell toilet paper. You can even buy TP at office supply stores along with other cleaning supplies such as paper towels.

I can’t imagine living without something so insignificant but yet so important in regards to personal hygiene. If the government falls and chaos occurs, you can be sure that many items are going to disappear very fast. Food, water and other items will be gone quicker than you can blink. Stock up on items you use on a daily basis. Use coupons and buy them on sale.

The next time you are low on paper towels and toilet paper, purchase an extra case and store it in the garage or attic. If you need to, buy the cheaper option because something will be better than nothing when the time comes. In a short period of time, you will have a nice stash stored and you will be happy that you did if and when the time comes that paper towels and toilet paper are no longer available, anywhere.

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