Prepper Homesteading Basics

Prepper Homesteading Basics

Depending upon where you obtain your news, you may or may not think that our society is changing for the worse. Regardless of what you think, being self-sufficient as much as you can is very helpful and also very beneficial in today’s world. This is what Prepper Homesteading Basics is all about.



Prepper Homesteading Basics


Back in the day, homesteading meant you were living on land to obtain it for free. Today, homesteading is a little bit of the old but a lot of what we’ve learned over the years mixed in with the current technology we have available to us today. Finding and using different ways to use less energy, to make less waste, eating healthier and to reuse what we can without making drastic sacrifices, if at all possible, to better our lives is the name of the game.

To be self-sufficient seems like a lot of work. To be totally self-sufficient is and the process can be expensive depending upon what you want to be self-reliant with. But not everyone is able to be completely self-sufficient for a variety of reasons. However, breaking it down and working with one or two tasks at a time makes things a lot easier. Once you have these new processes worked into your current daily schedule, adding in a few new tasks is a lot easier.

You already be doing some things now that make you more self-reliant. Do you have a working garden? Do you recycle and buy recycled products? Can you crochet or cook a meal from scratch? Can you sew or skin a fish? Can you light a fire without a lighter or use a chainsaw safely? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you have at least one skill that is needed to be homesteading in today’s world.

homesteading-smPrepper Homesteading Basics

The majority of us live where we have access to electricity and indoor plumbing and use these benefits as if they were second nature to us. So for us who do have these modern conveniences, being able to get through the day by using minimal (non-renewable) resources possible can be a challenge. Educating yourself and your family on what you can and are able to do can be very beneficial to homesteading today. If you are able to, I strongly encourage you to consider other ways you can use less and live a better life. According to Mother Earth News, there are a minimum of a hundred skills that are necessary for basic homesteading and some of these are:

  • Know how to read an almanac
  • Know how to make a candle
  • Know how to refinish furniture
  • Know how to dig and also use a shallow well properly
  • Know how to save pollinated seeds that are open
  • Know how to restrain livestock
  • Know how to make butter
  • Know how to knit
  • Know how to make paper and also the necessary ink
  • Know how to make and bake bread
  • Know how to tell time during the day by using the sun
  • Know how to deliver a baby
  • Know how to choose a location, create and maintain a fruitful garden
  • Know how to butcher small animals such as chickens or rabbits
  • Know how to cut and also glaze glass
  • Know how to use a clothesline
  • Know how to dub a chicken
  • Know how to use a chainsaw safely
  • Know basis firearm safety including gun proofing children and also grandchildren
  • Know the basics of sewing

As you look over the twenty skills noted above, are there any that you already know? This is just a very, very short list of skills that may and can be necessary to know in the event that we lose our utilities, we have to leave our homes and head out to open land due to an emergency or simply want to live on a very remote piece of land.

I think that it is safe to say that many of us are aware of each skill noted above. In addition, I think that it is safe to say that most of can probably successfully complete at least several of the skills noted above. Is there anything in the list that you have wanted to learn to do? If there is, maybe you know someone or find someone that is knowledgeable about a particular skill and ask them if they will teach you.

Anyone can implement any of the Prepper Homesteading Basics into their daily lives. You can have an herb garden growing in recycled soup cans on your windowsill. Instead of buying chicken already cut up, buy whole chickens and cut them up yourself. You can take a first aid class from your local Red Cross or perhaps local junior college. Make your own bread and learn about food preservation and can your own favorite sauces and jams.

If you love to camp, you probably already know a number of ways to live in the “wilderness” without some of the modern things you have at home. If you hunt fish and/or hunt deer, for example, then you may already know how the basics about firearms and may even know how to skin and clean the animal killed. You could, on a grander scale add solar panels to your home, have chickens scratching in the backyard, maybe you are part of a community garden or perhaps you drive a hybrid vehicle.

Taking care of our world today by reducing the amount of harm we cause to our planet is a must. This appears to be a difficult goal to achieve due to the population that currently lives on our planet. This is because many either don’t know how to live as self-sufficient as possible or simply don’t care about the future. There are numerous Prepper Homesteading Basics that every one of us can learn and implement into our lives to make our lives and world a better place to be.

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