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Restoration of America

The Restoration of America: Secession Reboot 2.0

Our Beginnings:

As history would tell us that in 1492 Christopher Columbus came to America. What is now known as the United States was inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years. During the 1600’s and early 1700’s the French and Spanish had settlements in Florida, Southwest, Mississippi River, and along the Gulf Coast. Along the Atlantic coast, east of the Appalachian Mountains, thirteen British colonies contained around two and a half million people.

In 1763 the British drove the French out of North America, and imposed a series of new taxes, even though America argued that taxes required representation in Parliament. As a direct result from this action we had an event called the Boston Tea Party in 1774. Now as you can imagine this upset Parliament, Parliament therefore decided to punish Massachusetts by trying to end self-government. The Colonies came together in a Congress in April of 1775, which led to an armed conflict.

In 1776, July 4th Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson. It proclaimed that all men were created equal, and founded a new nation, the United States of America.
The Revolutionary War was won by the combination of General George Washington’s leadership and the financial and military support provided by France. The final outcome was a peace treaty signed in 1783. This treaty drastically increased the newest nation’s size to almost the entire area (less what is now Florida) east of the grand Mississippi River.

To oversee this new land and the people who were to live on it, a new government was formed and followed the authority written within the Articles of Confederation. However, this document didn’t provide authority for the collection of taxes and there was no final executive. A meeting was assembled to revise this document in 1787 and the constitution, which we know today, was written.

In 1791 a Bill of Rights was added as an amendment to the Constitution which was to guarantee the rights which had justified the Revolution itself. A leader and assistant were chosen; these being of course President George Washington and chief political and also financial advisor Alexander Hamilton. After Thomas Jefferson took the presidential position, he purchased from France the Louisiana Territory which doubled the size of the still new nation.

After this second large purchase, the nation grew across to the Pacific Ocean driven by the Manifest Destiny doctrine. Farmers and slave owners were eager to expand into this new and inexpensive land. Unfortunately, violence reigned across this new land as it was taken from native inhabitants and the differences between the North and the South.

The North and South were divided by 1804 from that known as the Mason-Dixon Line. The South continued its ways of slavery and reaped from the profits from selling cotton to the European market. The election held in 1860 produced President Abraham Lincoln who was against slavery and triggered a total of eleven states that founded the Confederacy in 1861. With this, the American Civil War occurred and slavery was abolished upon the North’s win. From this, extended to the Freedmen were both legal and voting rights which, due to the 14th amendment protecting individual’s rights, allowed the nation to prosper and become stronger as a whole. Unfortunately, the south still practiced “legal racial discrimination” (known as Jim Crow laws) into the mid-20th century.

The above was just a brief overview of our coming into being. You can do more research on this subject just by Googling “American History”.


american-flagWho and What is Destroying America?

1. Big Bankers: The Four Horseman of the International Banking Cartel. An engineered economic collapse, by the Banking elite. Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citi Chase, and Wels Fargo. These banks have a global monopoly over the oil business, and are the major top 10 investors in the fortune 500 companies.

There are eight families that run the world. You have Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Goldman Sachs, Lehmans, Lazards, Warburg’s, Loebs Kuh, and Israel Moses Seifs.

These families are part of the “New World Order” and or the “Illuminati”. They control the courts, food supply, education, natural resources, and the money for most nations, the main stream media, and the politicians.

Their “End Game” is for a One world Government controlled by them, the elite, the super class. They plan to use all of us as slave labor for the ruling elite, all the while impoverishing and starving the masses. They want to cut the world’s population down to fewer than one billion; they figure this is the most they can have to be able to control easily. They are already accomplishing this by introducing us to vaccines, super viruses, and GMOs “genetically-modified food”.

2. Wall Street: The September 2008 crash pushed over 30 million people into unemployment, it was 1929 once again.

3. Americans Reliant on Welfare: Over 45+ million Americans on welfare or other government assistance. Obama is pushing for more and more American’s to be dependent on government assistance, creating a nanny state.

4. Purging the Military Generals: Since October of 2013, Nine military commanders have been fired by the Obama administration. Many believe that a military purge is going on. Obama is removing top generals that don’t agree with him, and not only that, but is threating the remaining generals as well. Remember what Rahm Emanuel said, “never waste a crisis,”

5. Taking Our Guns: Once this begins it is all OVER, and in some aspects this has begun. Just try and get a gun permit in New York, it is almost impossible. California has some of the strictest gun laws on the books. Now Obama and his goons want to ban assault rifles, they are doing everything in their power to disarm America. We have the right to keep and bear Arms. All I have to say is remember “1776” Santa Anna.

6. FEMA Camps: As of January 2014, there are 800+ FEMA Detention Camps across the U.S., all of which are run by Homeland Security. All of these detention camps are up and running, they can hold about 20,000 thousand prisoners each.

These camps were set up for martial law. All it would take is a simple signature by the President and the Attorney General, to ensue Martial law.

Each camp is centrally located near rail road lines and airports. Remember the Nazi concentration camps from WWII? People were loaded onto rail way cars like cattle and latterly lead to the slaughter. This is what the Global elite have planned for us.

7. TSA: If you have visited an airport in the last few years you may have noticed these Nazi rent-a-cops, groping and molesting everyone, including children, who enters their checkpoint. This is all done for our safety against terrorism.

The sad part of all this is that in their (TSA), own documents they admit that they have not stopped one terrorist act. So you may be asking yourself “Then why are they there”? Well let me put it to you like this; we are sheep being led to the slaughter. Another words they are conditioning the American people that this is acceptable behavior and that it is for our own good. This way when the time comes to round us up and send us to Camp FEMA there will be little to no resistance, because we have become accustomed to this type of behavior.

8. False Flags: Are staged events disguised to be portrayed by an enemy combatant, usually carried out by governments, organizations, or corporations.

Here is a list of some false flags that have been carried out: Nero and the Great Fire of Rome, The Spanish American War: Remember the Maine, Wilson’s Pretext for War: The Sinking of the Lusitania, Hitler’s Fascist Dictatorship: The Reichstag Fire, The Gleiwitz Incident, Israeli False Flag Terror: The Lavon Affair, Operation Northwoods: Targeting American Citizens, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Gladio.

A lot of Americans believe that 9/11, the Boston Bombing, and Sandy hook were all false flags.

So why create all of these false flags, what’s the point? Three words “Fascist-Tyrannical-Totalitarianism” It’s not the false flag it’s self that is important, not to say that it’s not important, but more importantly, is what happens after. Usually after a false flag happens we get new regulation, laws, and mandates that take away our basic liberties and rights, all in the name of “Our Security”.

Just look at what we got after 9/11, the “Patriot Act “and “NDAA”, were signed into law. Everyone was told that it was for our own protection against terrorism, but what was it really about? I and many other feel that it is in direct violation of our civil liberties and our basic rights. Watch these videos about the “Patriot Act”, and judge for yourself.


9. NSA Spying: Now because of the “Patriot ACT” and the “NDAA” we have the NSA illegally wiretapping and listing to all American citizens. In Utah there is a giant NSA Data Center, code named “Bumblehive” that gathers all of our commutations and stores them, including all texts, photos, emails, and phone calls. This facility has a storage capacity of a yottabyte,

What the NSA is doing by building this gigantic surveillance grid, is laying the foundation for one big police state. We have seen this exact technique used throughout history and let me tell you it does not end well for the people.

10. Obamas 3rd term: Because of the 22nd amendment no president can be “Elected” for a third term, but it does not say that he can’t be president more than two times.

1. He could run as a vice president and then once in office the president could resign, which would make him president. This would not violate the 22nd amendment.
2. Obama could be elected to the House of Representatives and become the Speaker of the House. If this happens all that would need to be done would be for the current president and vice president to step down, this would elevate him to president.
3. Here is a video for one other way this may happen-


Here are the 10 Steps to Fascism That They Will Use to Destroy Us: These steps are outlined by “Naomi Wolfe” in her book “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

1. Create an Internal and External threat-
2. Create and Establish Secret Prisons (FEMA Camps)-
3. Establish a Paramilitary Force (TSA-BlackWater)-
4. Create an Internal Surveillance System (NSA)-
5. Covert insertion Into Citizen Groups (DHS)-
6. Randomly Detaining and Releasing Citizens (TSA-NDAA)-
7. Targeting of Key Individuals-
8. Keeping The Press on a Leash (Restricting-Owning Them)-
9. Dissent and Criticism Equals “Treason” and “Espionage”-
10. Dispose and Suspend Rule of Law-

I have covered a lot of this information in the beginning of this article.
If you would like to learn more about these 10 steps, you may want to purchase “Naomi Wolfe’s’” book “The End of America”

So How Do We Save America? We could do what Iceland did and arrest all corrupt bankers and politicians and do a reboot of the country. Many people gaffed at this idea and said it would never work, but now Iceland has one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Must the States Secede in Order To Save Our America?

Has our country reached the point where the government and the people are no longer working for the same goal? Our forefathers came to what we know as America decades ago to create a land in which they could live without a government constricting their every movement. Today, our government is now constricting us to the point that we can no longer breathe without them counting our every breath.

Our Declaration of Independence

Several wonderful documents were written by a group of very intelligent men who believed that our country could be great! The words were penned to provide a guide to lead and direct but to still allow the people freedom to do as they wish. The meaning of these most influential words no longer holds any meaning to our government.

We are now living in a country, under a government that is doing anything and everything they can to control us. A prime example of this is in regards to the second amendment which is the right to bear arms. Our government is taking this right away from us by a militia that is constantly growing and hovering over more and more communities every day.

The numbers of American people who want to restore our great nation to that of what the bill of rights, the Declaration of Independence and constitution is continually growing. Petitions have been signed and submitted to the White House, that has gone rogue, which calls for states to secede from the nation as a whole and have their own independently ran government. It is not a new country we want, it is a new government based once again on the original documents that helped to create our nation.

Can America be Saved?

Many of us believe that America can be saved. Violence is not necessary; however, with the current government running our country this may be a difficult this to avoid. But something must be done because the Declaration of Independence tells us that we must do something. This document states that it’s the American people’s right and duty to “abolish and reconstitute” the government in a form in which our liberties are protected when “their government becomes destructive and tyrannical”.

It is time for those uneducated to open their eyes and really see where their government is pushing them. Many Americans are unaware that they are losing more and more rights every day. We must stand our ground and protect what we have left before there is nothing left to fight for.

It is sad to say, that at this time, those who are voicing their concerns are being looked upon as Anti-Americans. The government and the media are not releasing the entire truth. They are only releasing specific tidbits of information about certain individuals and groups who are/have stating that the government is against the people and stating that these individuals and groups are unpatriotic and even possibly treasonous! Can you imagine? Our very own fellow Americans who are making the most of the First Amendment (freedom of speech) and being told that they are traitors and are being punished by having their citizenship stripped, deported and even exiled!

Is A Revolution Needed?

It is obvious that we need to restart our country and begin anew, governing the people for the people. It’s not that our government is bad, but it is how our country is being run. The people want the Constitution to be enforced not tossed to the side. The government should be accountable for its actions just as we are as individuals.

A revolution would, as Carl Herman recently wrote, enforce existing laws which would stop economic looting, prevent war crimes and uphold ideals and laws described within the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

In Response to the People’s Concerns, the Government:

assassins certain individuals who speak out against the government
• torture individuals with control-down and/or waterboarding techniques who may be deemed as a “terrorist”
• make a “terrorist suspect” disappear without anyone challenging the government per the NDAA 2012 and also the 2006 Military Commissions Act
• can/will seize any person, any resource, at any given time for “national defense” per a presidential executive order

The question remains, are we strong enough and will we unite and stand as one against our government to restart our country? If we survive a second revolution, will there be enough of us left to begin again? Much of the success of our nation depends, however, upon the thousands and thousands of sheeple of this country removing their heads from the sand and open their eyes to reality. Perhaps then, we can stand and live once again as the United States of America!

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  1. Paula says:

    *** remember 9/11 *** remember why we are the United States of America … remember that only we can rebuild this country to its former glory if we work as a team not as sheeple … remember those who created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and why they did … remember that our gov’t was designed to defend us, not destroy us … remember that our FREEDOM can be taken at any given time if YOU, as an American, don’t keep your eyes & ears open & act on your rights (entitlement is not a right) … remember that there are consequences to all actions — some believe 9/11 was an attack from the outside, others believe 9/11 was an attack from within – our great nation is now under attack from the inside, from our own government who is allowing, pushing & forcing our people, into a corner without them realizing it due to the current president’s smooooth speeches & forcing his way w/o going through the proper steps he’s supposed to take … our government is allowing ANY outsider to walk across (or bussed in on our dime) our borders & handing them on a gold platter, our land, our money, our jobs & everything else our country has to offer, instead of giving it to those that those who have worked so hard to make this country what it is, without any hesitation whatsoever … our land is now truly on the verge of crumbling down financially and of being totally overrun by others who only want to destroy us for their personal benefit – not for the good of all if we don’t put a stop to it now … this chaos and destruction is via selfish politicians, drug cartels, sex traffickers, diseases rampaging across the border (e.g: eboli, tuberculosis, scabies, chicken pox), ISIS, Monsanto, illegals who want everything for nothing, and even the elite of our world to name just a few … remember 9/11 and remember how you felt knowing that somebody had the nerve to attack our land – keep this in mind the next time you are told (oops, forced) you are loosing another right (like your gun or speech) – keep this in mind when you are told that you no longer have a say in what happens/what is taught in your children’s schools – keep this in mind when you are told that you no longer can keep your current health insurance because the president said its not good enough but his is and then discover in an emergency that hardly anyone, if any, in your area takes his insurance (but that’s ok right? because the president said its ok?) – keep this in mind when you are told at gun point you are going to raped or die because you believe differently … keep this in mind 24/7 — if you don’t open your eyes and see what destruction is happening right in front of you, right now outside your own little world and make a stand, those of us who want to work, who want to live the American Dream, who want to live … will die a slow and unnecessary death … remember 9/11 … God Bless those lives that were lost that day … God Bless America!


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