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Survival Bracelet

Survival Bracelet

Considering all of the products on the market today, one may not consider the possibility of a bracelet being included as a survival tool. Of course, it’s not just any bracelet and you may have seen them but didn’t realize what they really were. A Survival Bracelet can not only look good, but is a very useful addition to your wardrobe.


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Survival Bracelet – Not Your Everyday Accessory

survival-bracelet-picMany people who are active outdoors hunting and/or camping tend to have at least one of these unique bracelets. The bracelets can be purchased or you can make your own. The styles and colors will vary but each one is extremely functional. The purpose of this type of bracelet can be used just about anywhere for just about any reason.

What makes these must have items so useful is because they are made from a product called paracord. It is a type of rope that is extremely strong and to make a bracelet, you only need about 3 feet of paracord. You can make wider bracelets that use more paracord or wear 2 bracelets to double the length. You can even a necklace or belt that will offer a longer piece for bigger survival needs.

Survival Bracelet

If you want to make your own, there are a number of patterns you can use. Choose one that has a pattern that wouldn’t take long to undo if a true emergency occurred, a solid knot and one that you can re-create once you no longer need the paracord to perform a particular task. What type of tasks could use your cool looking Survival Bracelet for?

• Boating cord
• Bootlaces
• Bow string
• Bottle holder
• Build a raft
• Clothesline
• Dog leash
• Fishing line
• Setting a snare/trap
• Hanging food in a predator safe tree
• ladder
• Marking a trail
• Rig/pulley system
• Secure a floating object
• Sling to throw stones
• Tying splints
• Tourniquet for first aid
• Tow rope
• Tying down a tarp/tent
• Zipper pull

These are just a few things that you can do with a decent length of paracord that one Survival Bracelet can be made from. If you put your mind to the test, I’m sure that you can come up with at least a hundred other uses. Of course, I hope you’re not in an emergency when you need to find out what else you can do with one. Be sure to add this to your Survival Check List.

One single length of this wonderful product is said to be able to handle approximately 550 pounds of pressure/weight. Consider this: if you wrap something 10 times, then you end up with about 5,500 pounds in which you can move or keep something together. What a concept!

Securing an animal or towing a small vehicle is made easy with paracord. Create a makeshift hammock or make a set of snow shoes from 2 pieces and several small branches. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you pull out the internal strands of the cording, you can do even more. The strands inside are much smaller; so much so that a single strand can be used as dental floss. A strand or two could be used in the place of sewing thread or fishing line. Consider the possibility of sewing a larger wound or with a little patience even a decent fishing net.

Having several bracelets and even a belt would be a sufficient amount to help you with almost any task/project. Learning how to make your own is also beneficial as you can always create new bracelets from a belt or survival necklace. Whether you wear a Survival Bracelet for fun or because you never know when you might need some “rope”, having one is definitely a conversation starter.

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