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Survival Guns

Survival Guns – What is the Minimum You’ll Need?

Whether you are for or against guns, if a devastating event occurred and you needed to protect yourself and your family, how would you protect them? I hardly doubt that others who are in desperate need of food, water and/or shelter will be nice to you when they come charging through your door and you ask them nicely to go back outside. What we call Survival Guns are those that are meant to do just that, survive!

Survival Guns


On the top right of the sidebar you will see a link for Guns International, they are a great source for new and used guns.

The exact guns you may/will want to have will depend on who you ask. Hopefully you won’t be asking the government because their goal it to take them away from the people. However, you should also consider what your needs are when looking for a couple of guns to have when the need arises. Your options include:

• shotgun
• long rifle
• handgun
• tactical

Some particular guns that may fulfill your survival needs are the Remington 870 Pump Action shotgun, the 880 which is on the cheap side or you may want to consider the Mossberg 500. For a long rifle, the .22 is a good option and the ammo is available at a relatively low cost. Looking for a more tactical approach, check out the Bushmaster AR-15. For protection that you can carry without too much attention will be a handgun. The FN five-seven, the Glock19 and the Smith & Wesson M&P (Military & Police) are worth your time to consider if they should be included in your arsenal of Survival Guns.

Before you go out and buy a gun and ammo, be sure to know what the current laws and guidelines are for your state. Each state of the union currently has different laws regarding the personal possession of guns. California, for example, allows the legal possession however there are certain requirements such as a Bullet Button being required and 10 round magazine clips are the limit for semi-automatic.

Gene Hoffman’s magazine memo: 

survival-guns-picSurvival Guns – Safety is a Must

With the state of our world today the need to have several Survival Guns, always kept safely away from little hands but available when needed, is increasing every day. With this said, the availability and cost for this type of protection is also changing. Most of us are financially strapped and limited to what we can and cannot do.

It is so important to stress the fact that guns do not kill people – it’s the people holding the gun that kills.

Gun safety and education is a must when owing a gun. If you have never held a gun before, please do some research and find a local gun range in your area and inquire if they offer a safety class. Another good source would be to contact the NRA (National Rifle Association). If you have a local outdoorsman sporting goods store, contact them and see if they offer a safety class or can refer you to someone who does.


When you are ready to purchase a gun, ask lots of questions. Ensure that you know everything possible about the gun before you leave the store. Don’t forget to buy a reasonable supply of ammunition and a case to keep the gun secure when not in use.

We don’t know what will happen in our future, but human nature tells us to protect ourselves. Learn what you can now about a variety of survival techniques just in case you need them in the future, including your Survival Guns. Be sure to add a gun to your Survival List.


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