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Survival Knives

Survival Knives

There are a number of things you may consider vital to survival. The best items are those that are multi-functional and also easy to use. Something such as a knife; Survival Knives are one of the most important tools that everyone should have and know how to use.

If you don’t camp or spend a lot of time outdoors, then it is probably safe to say that you do not own a knife that will help get you out of more jams than you could think possible. A survival knife is one that is versatile but can have a number of features that one wouldn’t normally consider as being part of a knife. Let’s review some of the features you should consider when purchasing a knife that you will rely on every day in times of need. 


So here is a list of the Survival Knives in the video and a link as to where to purchase them from:

  1.  SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF9)
    Incorporates a fixed blade with a fine edge. 1095 High carbon steel.
    Works excellent for bushcraft and batoning
    Includes a Nylon Sheath
  2. SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF3)
    Has a fixed fine blade with a serrated edge, made from stainless steel.
    excellent for bushcraft,hunting, and ccamping
    Includes a Nylon Sheath
  3. SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF2)
    Military styling fixed blade knife in fine and serrated edge blades.
    Includes a Nylon Sheath
  4. SOG Seal Team Elite:
    There are number of different styles of this knife
    YouTube Review:
  5. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife:
    There are number of different styles of this knife
    YouTube Review:
  6. Gerber LMF II:
    There are number of different styles of this knife
    YouTube Review:

BK2Survival Knives – Features to Consider

When choosing the knife that you will carry each day, you will want to choose one that is comfortable to hold, is durable and excels at every task it is given. There are a number of knives on the market today, so it would be wise to consider a number of options before choosing one or two that will be used most frequently.

There are about 6 different features that should be considered when reviewing a multitude of knives for your survival needs. You may consider all to be important and perhaps there are some that are more important than others. Your final decision will be based on what you feel your needs may be. These unique features are:

• overall size of the knife (yes, size does matter)
• fixed blade (joints could result in weakness)
• “Full Tang”
• sharp and pointed tip (double-edged not always necessary)
• single-edged incorporated with a flat ground spine blade
• solid pommel (the butt/very bottom of the knife)

I didn’t number the features that are listed above because the importance of each feature can and will vary from user to user. Not all Survival Knives have all of the features noted above. Most do but their look and feel will vary greatly. Some of these differences will be:

• carbon or stainless steel blade
• style of blade
• serrated vs. non-serrated blade
• blood grove
• finger guards
• the color and/or finish
• decorative milling
• design and style of the sheath
• lanyard holes
• jimping

Survival Knives – A More In-depth Explanation

The knife you choose should be able to do just about anything; well, maybe except the dishes. The best tool should be one that not only cuts and slices well but can do a number of other tasks required to survive. Tasks such the ability to split, pry, signal, hammer and be used as a screwdriver are a must. The knife should also be helpful to hunt and to also be used as a tool for first aid purposes.

As referenced within the first set of features above, a “full tang” is when the entire knife is one solid piece of material. The grips or scales may be attached after the knife/handle has been created. The benefit to this type of knife is if the grips/scales fall off, it can still be wrapped with another material and continued to be used.

Probably one of the most important features to consider is a sharp, pointed tip of the blade. Self-defense would be the primary reason. A secondary reason would be for hunting. Other reasons would be for a variety of tasks from prying a can open to repairing a gear.

Although there are a number of knives on the market today, ensure that you only review those that are high quality and offer the features that will best fit your needs. Choose wisely as it will probably be the knife you carry every day. But don’t forget, any of the Survival Knives you may think will be your best fit won’t do you any good if you don’t have the knowledge to use it wisely.

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