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Survival List

Survival List – What you Need

The survival I’m referring to isn’t getting through the day of multiple meetings or attending the games of each of your kids. It’s getting through each day when an emergency has occurred. This Survival List will include items that are essential things you can’t absolutely live without.

For many of us today, we are spoiled with numerous luxuries such as specialty coffee makers or perhaps you would even include the Internet into this category. Items that we take for granted every day but don’t really need are things we could live without if we absolutely had to. But if a disaster happened, could you live on minimal material possessions?

Survival List to Complete

survival-list-picRegardless if an earthquake hit or there was a financial collapse, could you and would you survive? If you love the outdoors, you may already have a super basic but small kit that you taking hiking and/or camping with you. If you prefer the city life, you may not be aware of what to consider when creating this type of list.

The items that should be on a Survival List will vary depending upon you and your family’s needs and where you live. The items should be able to get you through any type of situation. The items below are basic but important; although the list is short, they are things you should consider:

  • Food which should be non-perishable (e.g.: MRE’s, freeze dried)
  • Water; include storage and filtering
  • Items for fire
  • Survival Gun
  • First aid kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hand cranked or solar tools (e.g.: radio)
  • Compass
  • Rope/duct tape/Survival Bracelet
  • Special items for young children and/or pets
  • Entertainment
  • Extra shoes/clothing
  • Shelter
  • Extra medication
  • Personal security items (e.g.: pepper spray, slingshot)
  • Carrier to carry all of the items on your list
  • Knowledge is power

Survival List for Any Circumstance

Can a list be created for any emergency? Since an emergency is an event that is unexpected, then no there isn’t going to be that perfect list. However, learning how to protect and care for yourself and your family on the most minimal items possible is the best thing that you can do.

Learn about bees, how to ensure your drinking water is clean and even know how to find edible food in the wild are all things that you need to consider. Being self-sufficient is the key when an emergency does arise. If everything was stripped away from you without any forewarning at this particular moment in time, could you survive?

The items on your Survival List should address the needs of everyone for a short emergency to long term. When considering long term, since we don’t know what the future holds then we really have no clue how much and of what we will need to get us through those unexpected times. This is why being prepared is so important.

Keeping your body as healthy as possible is extremely beneficial but don’t forget about moral. You must keep your wits about you throughout the entire emergency situation. Try to include fun in your day; a deck of playing cards or even dominos can keep the brain working. A positive attitude will keep stress levels down.

Staying safe is something else you will need to address. Shelter and personal safety are very important. Having sufficient protection against bad weather and against others who may want what you have is a must to consider. Staying alive is the number one priority of human nature. Learn to protect yourself, your family and your pets from possible harm through self-defense.

Emergencies happen without any warning, so it is wise to be prepared. Whether it is a flat tire on the freeway or a government collapse, you need to be ready. Having a Survival List full of items you will need is the first step, so start your list now.

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