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Survival Strategy

Do You Have A Survival Strategy You Can Take In The Event Of An Unexpected Change?

A solid plan to follow for emergency situations is critical. How does one put a reliable Survival Strategy together? Where should one start and what details should it include?

Preparing for an emergency can be difficult as we don’t know when, where or how critical the situation may be.  Some of the best plans are simply drawn out with basic guidelines and then revised numerous times until a thorough plan is obtained. Practice and revision will always improve on a previous experience.

Basics are the Beginning

survival-list-picOne of the hardest decisions to make, and will determine your plan of action is if you will be staying put or leaving your current place if/when $@$ hits the fan. The deciding factor will depend greatly upon how extreme the crisis is. A short-term power outage can easily be conquered by simply have 2 – 3 days of supplies and non-perishable food on hand. However, if an all-out war breaks out or perhaps a natural occurrence such as an earthquake or tornado occurs, then you will probably need to leave for a safer location. The question you need to ask is how long can survive if you stayed?

If leaving the current location was the best option, where and how would you leave?

After making the decision to leave, knowing where you are headed to is a crucial piece of information. You want to have a pre-determined destination plotted so that there are no second guesses and if you are separated from your family, they know exactly where to meet. Ensure you exclude the obvious places like campsites and hotels as others who want to leave will probably rely on these particular resources for protection.

What your supply inventory should includesurvival-gear-tools-pic2

Although this topic is covered elsewhere, you should consider your mode of transportation, what your shelter will be, how you will defend yourself and how you will store your supplies, water and food. The answer to these survival concerns will help you determine what should be in your inventory. Remember, this could be life or death so be sure to include only those items that will work the best in every possible situation.



How and to whom should you communicate with?

You are going to need to communicate with others as one point or another. Assume the “normal” means to communicate are unavailable – how would you relay information to another? How would you know that you are giving information to the person you think you are? What if someone doesn’t arrive at the meeting place? Everyone in your family needs to know the meeting place and if that location is not safe then have a second one pre-determined just in case. Create code phrases or other signals to only share with those you can trust to ensure that your safety is maintained. Your life could be at stake. Here is a list of Emergency Essentials you may want to get.

This seriousness is the basis of prepping; so please start preparing for your future now. Make sure you have a well-balanced survival strategy.

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