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Survival Tools

Survival Tools

We may all have a different definition of the word survival. Dealing with traffic, rude people and just everyday tasks can be things we feel we need to “survive” to get through each day. Not having time for your cup of coffee or making it to your next paycheck are trivial when you consider you will need much more in the way of Survival Tools when you have a true emergency.

Do you have what it takes to get through a couple of days without power and/or water? Do you believe that if you had to evacuate your home you could continue on as you have in the past? Are you strong enough physically and mentally to survive a major disaster?

Survival Tools

If you hike or go camping, you know that you will need gear that are designed for these particular activities. Special ropes, ties and other equipment are necessary to complete tasks that aren’t typically done in our everyday lives. Life is different out away from today’s modern conveniences so you must consider your needs before leaving those city limits.

What tools would you need if you lost electricity for several days and the food in your fridge started going bad? What if you were told that you had to leave your home immediately, what things would you take? If you were out doing errands and a disaster occurred, would you be able to care for yourself and others around you?

Emergencies are events that are not planned occurrences. We do not know when they will happen or how involved they will be. Being resourceful and having some useful items readily available for you is something you should consider. Please research Bug Out Bags and also 72 Hour Kits as these will give you a great start on being prepared if necessary.

Survival Tools for Your Survival Toolbox

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What should be considered and included in your “toolbox” will depend upon your individual needs and where you live. You should also take into consideration various emergencies that could arise and also be expectant for the unexpected ones too. Below is a brief list which contains a wide assortment of Survival Tools that you really should consider and keep in a durable, waterproof bag if you ever have to survive out of your normal day.

• Food and water (non-perishable, filters/purifiers)
• Can opener, pot, utensils
• First aid kit (include masks, hand sanitizer, extra medication, etc.)
• Flashlight and extra batteries, candles
• Radio (hand crank or have extra batteries)
• Cell phone with solar charger
• Map/compass/GPS
• Items for warmth (wool blanket, fire starter)
• Paracord, shoe laces, dental floss, zip ties, fishing line
• Shovel, Bear Grylls multi-tool, hatchet, survival knife, wire cutters
• Shelter (tarp, duct tape)
• Moral boosters (games, candy, paper/pen)
• Extra clothes/shoes, glasses, hat
• Personal hygiene items
• Baby supplies
• Pet supplies
• Self-preservation (sling shot, gun, extra ammo)
• Knowledge
Fire Starter

This Survival Tools list is provided to get your thoughts moving into survival mode because this list can go on and on. Try to put yourself in a situation where you are completely removed from everything you have today. You are transplanted to a situation where everybody is fighting to survive including Mother Nature herself. What will you need to get through each day?

Not only will you need to ensure you stay healthy but your family and pets as well. You will need to defend and protect what little you have against others who want what you have. You will need a sufficient amount of Survival Tools when the SHTF.

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