Tornado Survival

Tornado Survival Kit

It’s like a hurricane on land. The wind has the power to do whatever it chooses no matter what is in its path. Sometimes a tornado begins and warning signals are given. Other times, there is no warning and this typically brings about an emergency situation. Having a quality Tornado Survival Kit on hand and ready to go is a must.

You may have seen a tornado on television or in a movie, but have you ever experienced one? They are quick and powerful and if you are not ready, circumstances become extremely urgent extremely fast. Having immediate access to safe shelter is certainly a priority. Having emergency supplies on hand is also very important in regards to survival; especially if you have the unfortunate experience of being in the tornado’s path.

Tornado Survival Kit


Kits can either be purchased or be made yourself. Don’t let this task go undone, start and complete it now before the next warning is signaled. It’s not that difficult a task and it can be done relatively cheap. However, the cost will rise as the more supplies you add to the “basic” kit.

The contents of your kit should be able support you as well as every member of your household including pets. If you have livestock, you should consider creating a Tornado Survival Kit for them as well. Disaster Preparedness is key in surviving as long as possible once the tornado has left its mark.

tornado-survival-picThe items that should be included will vary upon who is offering the information. However, use each one as a guide as most will have many items in common of which you should definitely include. Other lists will provide items that you may want to include in your own survival kit.

Although you may be experiencing the same tornado as others, your individual circumstances may be much different; it’s always good to be prepared both in knowledge and in supplies on hand. Have a pre-set plan to meet others at a specific location at work and at home if a tornado warning is given. A general list of items that you should have in your survival kit is noted below:

• Water; minimum of 3 day supply (one gallon per person)
• Non-perishable, easy to make food items
First aid kit (extra medications)
• Lighting; battery with extra batteries, light sticks, head lamp
• Warmth; extra clothes, thermal blanket, supplies for fire
• Leather work gloves
• Utility, multi-purpose knife
• Communication devices; whistle, walkie talkies (with extra batteries), radio, cell phone and charger
• Personal items; toiletries, feminine hygiene supplies
• Pry bar (minimum 15 inches as recommendation)
• Emergency information; copies of important papers (insurance), contact numbers, photos

Again, the above list is just a basic list of items to have in your survival kit. It would be wise to have also a tool to shut off utilities such as the gas and water at the main line to your home/property. If you need assistance with learning where the main shut off valves are and how to turn them off, your local utility companies should offer this service.

Tornado Survival Kit

As we have seen over the past decade, the number of tornados has increased and they are beginning to occur in places where we would not think they would occur. Being educated about any type of emergency situation is certainly a must. We can’t learn everything, but knowing something is better than nothing.

Know when tornado season is in your region and know what processes should occur if a warning has been given. Planning is certainly helpful in being as safe as possible. Creating and keeping a Tornado Survival Kit at home, at work and wherever else you may spend a lot of time in may just save your life.

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