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US Government Hoarding Emergency Food Supplies

Why is The US Government Stashing Emergency Food Supplies?

Is the US Government hoarding food for martial law or some other crisis? The more that I have looked into this the more I must agree that the US Government is hoarding emergency food supplies.  What do they know that we don’t, is there an upcoming false flag or maybe something worse like martial law?

About a year ago, Matt Redhawk, the owner of “My Patriot Supply” was contacted by FEMA/DHS to inquire about his food reserves. They wanted to know how much he had and how much he could deliver within 24 hours.

govtfood-picThis is what Matt had to say “Typically the government will post a Request for Information and receive bids from suppliers. As of this morning there are still no active public requests from DHS/FEMA. They are trying to keep this quiet by contacting makers of Emergency Survival Food directly and discreetly. Well…not on my watch!”




Well folks I hate to say, but it’s not just Matt that was contacted, I have learned that other suppliers of survival food have been contacted as well. Although none of my sources can confirm if the suppliers actually sold their product to FEMA/DHS or not, this is still very troublesome news. We have uncovered an order of 420 million MREs by FEMA/DHS. Why do they need so much? One could argue that it is for the citizens in case of natural disasters, which to some degree is true, but when they try to acquire emergency food supplies in the dark of night so to speak leaves one wondering.

There have also been reports that they are raiding food reserves from major grocery providers and stashing the emergency food supplies in underground bunkers/bases. Yu can read more about it here –

Check out this video about what is going on –



What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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