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Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival Guide

Technology has advanced to the point that sometimes we don’t know if an image is real or fake. Many of the television shows, movies and video games today present creatures that are probably some that many of us would prefer not to look at or even deal with. With this said, would having a Zombie Survival Guide be any benefit to you?

A zombie, in a general definition, is a creature who is dead but living. Does that make sense? Think of voodoo. Some people are really believe that zombies will walk our planet in the future while others can’t quite see how something that is dead can still continue to move about. Apparently, one has to be “infected” through the means of a bite or contact with body fluids.



Zombie Survival Guide

Seeing one individual or a large group of people moving towards you that look like they need to be placed back in their burial ground seems a bit farfetched. However, being infected with a disease that could be transferred to others is definitely a serious issue to consider. Protecting yourself and your family should be a priority for any emergency situation.

Part of any well thought out plan, having a reliable Zombie Survival Guide could certainly be useful. You will need to consider having emergency supplies on hand for a wide variety of urgent needs. Water, food, medications, first aid supplies and even something for personal protection should be included.

In regards to zombies, you will want to stay as far away as possible. A remote location would probably be best. In fact, according to those who are experts on zombies and the very possibility that we may one day encounter this type of situation, the supplies you would need are almost identical if not the same for other life-threatening situations. Situations such as: a flood, power outage or even a financial collapse to name a few.

zombie-survival-guide-picZombie Survival Guide for Anyone

You can believe what you want but it doesn’t really matter what type of disaster strikes, you need to be prepared. The question remains, be prepared for what? Zombies, an 8.0 earthquake or a comet smashes into our planet? What would we need to survive these holocaustic events if at all possible?

To keep you guided on the right path, consider your basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Then you need to consider items that will help you perform tasks to get you through each day. Things like hatchet, duct tape and a first aid kit. Then you also need to consider that you’re going to need protection, yes, like with a gun.

Most importantly, you need to educate yourself on surviving a number of events that could possibly occur. Can you and will you be able to survive a 72 hour emergency? Can you and will survive a disaster in which you have to leave behind everything you know and venture to the unknown? Are you physically and mentally strong enough to outwit the zombies?

This is why you need a Zombie Survival Guide. It is a must for everyone and it needs to include children and pets too. I know, it’ll be tough but you will have to face it eventually.

Get started now so you can survive the future. Have extra clothes, shoes and items for sanitary purposes ready. You’ll need a radio, flashlight and lots of extra batteries. What about water filtration and storing the safe to drink water?

There is so much to consider when you need to protect yourself from zombies. However, when the time comes you will know that you are ready. By following a Zombie Survival Guide and adjusting it to your personal needs, I know that you will do okay.

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